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Has your mini barn or garden shed seen it's better days?! Schott Services can tear apart, load it up and haul your shed away! With great tactfulness, owner John Schott will dismantle your backyard shed or mini barn with his mini skid steer/grapple. This machine has a light footprint which is ideal for getting into backyards. It is great for the jobs where its difficult to get a truck/trailer close by to load materials. With a light footprint, very little if any damage is done your yard much less than driving a truck onto your lawn!

Send pictures of whatever you need removed from your property. Call or text today for an estimate. 317-784-8760

Thank you!

Cleaning out all garages for the greater Indianapolis area! A garage can have many great uses and most people end up storing old stuff or stuff they may use, sometime in the future, maybe once or twice, just maybe I will use that someday...and so on! Myself included! But, wouldnt it be nice to park your car in your garage. To not have to clean the ice and snow off after every winter storm???

I can help with your problem. My name is John Schott, owner of Schott Services and longtime south sider of Indianapolis. I will gladly help get rid of stuff you know longer need. You don't need to do a thing other than point! Let me help get all the old stuff loaded up and hauled away. I can help organize boxes, put items on the top shelf for you and move larger equipment from one side to the other if needing to reorganize.

We recycle/donate your unwanted bicycles to St. Vincent De Paul (always in desparate need for the less fortunate). Old tools, lawn mowers or lawn equipment can be repurposed or recycled to have a new life! It's time to call Schott Services and get your space back. Call or text 317-784-8760 or email HappyDumpTruck@gmail.com

Thank you!

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  • John Schott

Your privacy fence is no problem for Schott Services to remove. Whether its falling down or you just don't need it anymore. Give us a call and it will be gone! We take care of demo, haul away and proper disposal. We are a local, south side Indy company serving all of Indy and surrounding towns.

From start to finish, I am on every job ensuring the highest quality work and complete satisfaction at completion of job. Privacy fence removal is a tough job and the panels require heavy lifting. Send pictures of your privacy fence removal job today for a free estimate. Call/text John Schott at 317-784-8760 or email at HappyDumpTruck@gmail.com

Thank you!!

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