Schott Services provides a service like none other...shrub removal! We can remove any shrub or bush in your landscape, but specifically enjoy tearing out overgrown yew bushes! Have you ever tried hand digging yew bushes? Or, using your pickup trucks back bumper with a chain? And, what were the results?

Pain, frustration, insanity, broken heart to name a few...but Schott Services has a solution! Watch owner John Schott simply pluck those nasty yew bushes out of the customer landscape with his Vermeer 925 mini skid steer. As if he were plucking a dandelion from your yard. Save the frustrations, save the heartache and/or save your marriage! Call John Schott to remove yew bushes, unwanted shrubbery, small trees, brush piles, undergrowth in your woods, clear your fenceline and your pocketbook! No, no just kidding! We offer high quality service in the greater Indianapolis area for landscape removal, shrub removal and bush removal. We offer these services at fair and competitive pricing. And, with each and every job you pay at completion of job and when you are 100% satisfied!

We are NOT fly by night. We are family owned and operated, local business, Indy born & raised landscape removal company. Our goal is your satisfaction and to save your back!

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  • John Schott

If you live in Indianapolis, IN and you have a gravel driveway...and it needs repaired. Stop, Dial 317-784-8760 and call Schott Services!

In this video, I take a worn out gravel driveway and make it new again. It's a fairly easy process with the right tools. Power raking the driveway before spreading a new layer of #8 driveway stone is essential in getting all of the bumps and bruises smoothed out. This ensures that your new layer of stone is smooth as a babies bottom! I know how smooth that is because my wife and I just had baby #8 recently!

I am a family man, southside local serving the greater Indianapolis area. I am in business to provide for my family and to teach them that working hard, taking care of the customer and providing excellent service will bring success!

Thank you for the future business!

John Schott

Updated: Mar 30

This customer had an old barn surrounded by lots of undergrowth in their backyard. With a backyard wedding coming up they needed more space and old barn to be removed. I was able to clear away the brush with my mini forestry mulcher and tear down barn in a breeze.

Locally owned and operated, Schott Services has been serving the greater Indianapolis area since 2003. Brush cutting equipment can help customers remove unwanted vegetation and brush from their backyards. This opens up your yard, let's more light into your outdoor space and creates new areas to landscape.

In this video, the customer needed the old barn out of the way for a new and bigger mini shed. Schott Services can remove many backyard structures including decks, fences, swing sets and sheds. Once the brush was cleared and barn loaded up the ground was leveled for new barn!

Call or text John Schott at 317-784-8760 or email at for a free estimate!

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