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Back alley's can sometime take the brunt of trash, junk and debris. They are very useful for inner city homes but unfortunately are hidden to where people will illegally dump their loads of trash. This is an unseen cost for the homeowner who's property it was dumped. When you illegally dump your trash onto someone else's property that person is responsible for the clean up.

Schott Services is there to haul away your junk, debris and trash that someone else left behind. For heavier loads we can you use our mini skid steer with grapple to scoop up the debris quickly and efficiently.

Call or text today 317-784-8760 for a free estimate for your junk removal needs.

2020 will be a year for the history books! Surprisingly, with everyone at home this year there was an uptick in need for home improvement and home services like junk removal. From backyard landscape projects to cleaning out storage it seems like everyone was needing something hauled away! There was an increase in customers needing brush piles removed, garage junk cleared out or that attic space needing wiped cleaned!

Schott Services was there to answer the call and get Indy junk free again! In this video, our customer had everything ready to go in the garage to avoid having us go into their home to decrease exposure and spread of virus. Which we are thankful! Most of our customers this year compiled all of their junk and unwanted items, sent a picture and that's all we need. We are typically able to give a free estimate from pictures texted or emailed for quickest quote!

With Schott Services you work directly with the owner on every job and scheduling of pickup. We are local, family owned and operated. We service all of Indianapolis and surrounding towns. Hire local, stay local, keep Indy awesome!

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  • John Schott

It can be a real pain if removing ornamental grasses by hand! With our specialized, high performance excavating equipment we remove the toughest grass plants ever planted. We can even dig up bamboo! By design, ornamental grass has a very thick, robust root system and it is difficult to chop through it with a standard shovel. Watch my video removing these large clumps of ornamental grass for a customer.

If you are reading this right now and it's 1:00 in the morning. And, you are searching online of the best way to remove these nasty clumps of landscaping...call or text me now! 317-784-8760 or HappyDumpTruck@gmail.com

I will remove your grasses, level the area and spread seed/straw in the area to renew your landscape!

Thank you! John Schott


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Our service area includes a 15 mile radius of downtown Indy. Thank you!

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