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Brush Pile Removal Indianapolis

Brush Pile Removal

Brush Pile Removal

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A huge pile of brush and logs being removed by Schott Services.
Brush pile removed by Schott  Services loaded into trailer.

We Haul Brush Piles, Yard Waste & Logs!

Is an unsightly brush pile taking over your yard? Reclaim the use of your outdoor space by contacting Schott Services today! Don't spend another hour trying to tackle that brush pile. We have the skills, equipment, and man-power to quickly clear out your space. From small branches to large log piles, we can get it cleared away. Just tell us what needs to go and we'll promptly remove all the yard waste material! With over 2,000 5 Star Google, Angi, Yelp & Facebook reviews combined, we have the reputation and reliability that it takes to haul away your brush pile!

We have been providing Indianapolis homeowners and businesses with brush pile removal services since 2003! No matter the size or location, we have specialized equipment to get into your yard to remove your brush pile. We have trucks and trailers to haul away large volumes of brush at a time to save you money and your time. When removing a brush pile you don't want to wait on a service provider to take several trips to haul it away??? We move fast and regain your yard or property of your brush pile now. And, best of all your brush can be recycled into mulch and compost instead of going into the landfill!

How Do You Remove Brush Piles?

Our unique brush pile removal system can reduce the size of a brush pile up to half the size, which is a benefit to you the customer. Most junk removal companies charge by the volume, which we do too. But, we with our mini skid steer compacting the brush pile as we load it reduces the overall volume. Other than large logs and chunks of wood this will greatly reduce the size of the brush pile. This makes your brush pile disappear much more affordable! Watch our videos at top of this page to see it in action! Our brush pile removal is quickest if removed from your driveway or curb. But, with our mini skid steer and grapple we can move large volumes of brush and logs from just about anywhere on your property. Our machine is designed to be gentle on your yard if needed and we can even lay plywood to down to protect your yard even more. Our goal is to leave with your brush and you not even know we were there!

How Much Does It Cost Remove A Brush Pile?

Our prices are competitive to the Indianapolis market. We do have a minimum charge of $175-$225 per the volume of pickup truck sized load. This pricing is for brush piles sitting in your driveway or at the curb for quick loading by hand. Or, somewhere on your property which is easily accessible for our mini skid steer. But, the pickup truck sized load is for estimating purposes only. We have a large truck and trailer perfect for hauling away a small stick pile up to several pickup truck sized loads at a time. The typical brush pile is 3-5 pickup truck sized loads. For larger sized brush piles we will use our mini skid steer to pickup and load into our truck and trailer. We do have a minimum charge of $500 for large piles requiring our machine, but this includes the volume of up to 2.5-3 pickup truck sized loads. Please send pictures of your brush pile, stick pile or logs to best estimate cost of removal. Most often its hard to estimate exactly how much you have until loaded because we will smash and compress the brush to get the best value for your for your money!

Did Someone Illegally Dump Brush On Property?

Are you facing fines from the city because of a brush pile on your property? Call or text 317-784-8760 today and we can typically get there same day or within a few days depending on the size of brush pile. I can assure you that we are cheaper than what the city will fine you! It's true...brush piles can be pain in the neck to remove! But, we do our best to make it as quick and easy as possible. Unfortunately, people wanting to save money will drop a load of brush on your empty lot (it happens often). Or, a neighbor is complaining about your stick pile sitting in your yard. (again, it happen often!) We have the brush pile removal solution!

How Do I Schedule Brush Pile Hauling?

It's easy! Please send us pictures of your brush pile. tree limbs, logs or storm damage debris. You can email us, call or text or go to our Contact Us page. Brush piles are annoying, but to get rid of a brush pile should not be annoying! We do our best estimate volume from pictures that you send. But, sometimes will require us to look at in person before giving a final price. Owner-John Schott estimates every job and will be on site every time. Consider your brush pile gone!!!

"Just point to it, and we make it Disappear!"

Schott Services removing logs from a property.
"I just called this morning to have Mr. Schott come to cut some branches that needed to be removed that were overhanging my roof. While he was here he also removed some brush and helped to pick up and haul away branches from a brush pile that had accumulated next to my driveway. He was able to provide same-day service and did a clean job. Great to work with!"
Kathy O'Connell- 5 Star Google Review!
"I received a quick response (on a Sunday evening, no less!) to my request to have some yard debris removed. After giving John the green light the work was completed that same day. Great customer service and a job well done. Thanks!"
Brian Neuffer_ 5 Star Google Review!
"John did tree debris haul off from a tree being dropped by some less than ethical tree service people. John hauled off all debris and large trunk pieces with no hesitation and did a great clean up. I’ll be calling him again in the next month or 2 for a swing/play set removal."
Victor Russell- 5 Star Google Review!
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