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Mini Skid Steer Magic Making Trash Disappear!

Mini Skid Steer Magic Making Trash Disappear!

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Hauling Services

Hauling, junk removal, trash pickup, garbage collection, light hauling...they all pretty much mean the same thing! You have junk, old appliances, furniture, swing sets, sheds, brush piles and other unwanted items that need to go away! Schott Services is your answer! We provide affordable hauling services to homeowners and businesses in Indianapolis.

We specialize in hauling of heavier materials like concrete, dirt, bricks, construction debris, heavy logs and even boulders. We have mini skid steer equipment most hauling companies don't have readily available. Our equipment is loaded and ready every day in case you need that heavy trash pile hauled away from your alley or lot. Illegal dumping is on the rise and the city can fine you even if it's not your trash. We are cheaper than the city and can typically remove same day or within a few days notice!

Our goal is your satisfaction! And, we will gain your satisfaction with exceptional communication, quick turn around on jobs and complete your job with a smile on our face! What more can you ask for!!!


Born and raised in Indianapolis, John Schott, owner of Schott Services, resides on the south side with his wife and 9 kids! In business since 2003, we have grown to be the top rated local hauling and junk removal service in Indianapolis. Google, Angie's List and Yelp combined we have over 2,000 A-rated, 5 Star reviews!

A dump truck full of junk being hauled away in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Top 10 Reasons To Call Now

Our junk hauling services, also known as rubbish or trash removal services, offer several benefits for individuals, businesses, and communities in the greater Indianapolis area. Here are some of the advantages of utilizing our junk hauling services:

1. Convenience

Our junk hauling services provide a convenient solution for the removal of unwanted items, furniture, appliances, and debris. This saves you the time and effort required for proper disposal. We can even haul away unwanted items when you are not home. We provide residential hauling services with convenient curbside junk pickup. We accept Zelle, Venmo and credit cards. Or, can leave an invoice for payment by check. So, you don't need to take time off work. It's as easy as that!

2. Efficient Waste Removal

We are professional junk haulers that have the expertise and equipment to efficiently remove large volumes of junk. We can handle items that may be difficult for individuals to transport, such as heavy furniture, appliances, or construction debris. And, we have a unique system to efficiently load large, bulky items needing thrown away. We have an on-board trash compacting machine that reduces the size of couches, outdoor furniture and cabinets. This machine can diminish the size up to half or more to be able to load more on to our trucks. Call or text today to see that action!


3. Safety:

Junk removal can involve heavy lifting. Our personnel can handle the removal safely, reducing the risk of injuries to individuals attempting to do it themselves. Break our back and not yours!

4. Proper Disposal:

Although we do not take hazardous materials. We are knowledgeable about local waste disposal regulations and environmental guidelines. We can point you in the right direction to properly dispose of paints, used motor oil and other potentially harmful chemicals. The city offers Tox-Drop days to get rid of excess toxic materials. The city ensures that items are disposed of properly according to proper regulations.

5. Time Savings: 

Our junk hauling service saves you time, as we can efficiently remove and dispose of items in a single visit. We have large trucks and trailers that hold the volume of a large dumpster. But, can still easily maneuver into most driveways to load directly into our vehicle for fastest loading. This is particularly beneficial for those facing time constraints or deadlines for property cleanouts. Call us on a rainy day or in the winter. We provide many landscape services that requires decent weather. If the weather is bad we can still clean out a house or haul excess junk from a garage. We will put on our rain gear and go to work!

6. Space Optimization:

Removing unwanted items and clutter from a space creates more room and contributes to better organization. This is especially valuable for businesses looking to optimize their workspaces or individuals seeking to declutter their homes. We can efficiently clean out your garage or storage unit to make your space more roomy.

7. Environmentally Friendly Practices: 

We prioritize environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling and donation of reusable items. This helps reduce the overall environmental impact of waste disposal. We work directly with St. Vincent De Paul Society to donate bicycles. Bicycles are their #1 needed item! Your unwanted bicycle will help someone in need get to their job or for an interview quicker. Check out their website and all the great services they provide for the homeless and less fortunate. We do our very best to recycle all metal and usable items!

8. Cost-Effective:

While there may be a cost associated with our junk hauling services, it can be more cost-effective than attempting to handle large-scale cleanouts on your own. It eliminates the need for individuals to rent equipment, arrange transportation, or take multiple trips to disposal sites. We dispose of your trash and garbage at the proper landfills or facilities, but unfortunately it's NOT free. Indy has a huge problem of illegal trash dumpers who decide to relinquish this rubbish in alleys or side streets. We have providing junk removal services in Indianapolis since 2003 and are a local business. Our customers have come to trust our fair pricing and quick turn around times. Check out our pricing page to get a better idea of what our costs are associated with hauling waste.

9. Community Aesthetics: 

Junk removal services contribute to maintaining clean and attractive communities. Removing debris and unwanted items from public spaces or neighborhoods enhances the overall aesthetics and livability of the area. Let us help beautify your home or business in removal of debris and trash. We can provide fast clean up of trash illegally dumped on your property or abandoned homeless camps.

10. Stress Reduction:

Dealing with the removal of large amounts of junk can be stressful. Hiring Schott Services to handle the process alleviates the stress and physical strain associated with junk removal, allowing individuals and businesses to focus on other priorities.

Whether it's a residential cleanout, commercial property cleanup, or construction site debris removal, our junk hauling services provide a range of benefits that go beyond simple waste removal, contributing to a cleaner, safer, and more organized environment.

John Schott in front of fully loaded trailer of scrap metal to be recycled..
"I called John to come pick up an old torn down fence, wood, and debris we had on the side of our house. He came the same day I called and hauled it all away! We were very happy with his speedy response and joyful demeanor he and his helper had. The price was right too!" 😀
Dianne Johnston- Indianapolis, IN 
"John is great! He helped us by removing our fence and hauling away some junk left by the previous owner. He was fast, kind, and very attentive. We will definitely be contacting him for more work in the future."
Amanda Love- Indianapolis, IN
"I used these guys to get rid of some remodel debris and would definitely use them again. They were responsive and showed up when they said - and updated via text on the timing. After removing the debris they swept up and hadn't the trailer covered to contain the load. Very professional and would highly recommend."
Brian Bierlein- Indianapolis, IN 

Other Services We Provide...

 A link to St. Vincent De Paul Society website.

 We proudly support and donate to Saint Vincent dePaul of Indiananpolis

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