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Concrete Removal Indianapolis

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Concrete Removal & Hauling

Need concrete demolition work completed? We have a variety of equipment to use depending on your removal needs and location. John Schott, owner, has the experience and know-how to remove your concrete!

We have the proper equipment to remove sidewalks, driveways and patios! Our machines are designed to get into backyards and tight areas. Our breaker hammer can demolish concrete in short time so you can you enjoy your space again or get ready for new concrete! Call or text John Schott at 317-784-8760. Or, email at for a free estimate!

John Schott removing a concrete sidewalk with mini skid steer.
John Schott on mini skid steer demolishing a concrete driveway in Indianapolis.

Concrete Driveway Removal

Need a worn or crumbling  concrete driveway removed? Whether you need just a section or the whole driveway removed, we can complete the entire process.


We have the equipment and knowledge to remove your asphalt driveway quickly and efficiently. From properly breaking and loading pieces to hauling away all materials, we can help you achieve your landscaping and driveway needs. Indianapolis homeowners have trusted our concrete removal services since 2003. We can even remove your asphalt driveway! We provide gravel driveway installation for customers not wanting to invest the money in new concrete. Gravel driveways are inexpensive compared to concrete and do not crack!

Concrete Demolition

Our most commonly requested concrete removal jobs include removing concrete slab patios, crumbling stairs, driveways, sidewalks, above ground pools, and cemented fence posts. We can remove any type of concrete structure and grade the area with new topsoil, seed and straw. We can remove any unwanted concrete off of your property and haul it away. Many customers call us to remove a pile of concrete that may sit in a pile in their backyard or it could be buried in their yard. We are able to demolish it, haul it away and recycle it! Yes, concrete can be recycled. We work with local facilities that process and turn it into a base stone for driveways, back fill or other uses in the construction industry! 

John Schott removing a concrete patio with mini skid steer  and breaker hammer.
Schott Services hauling and removal of concrete, concrete piles, concrete block, brick, rock, stone, boulders and other heavy materials.

Concrete Pile Removal

Concrete removal is the ultimate solution for property owners who want to take their outdoor space to the next level! It's the perfect way to eliminate any safety hazards and unsightly cracks that may be detracting from the beauty of your property. With concrete removal, you can start fresh and create a stunning, smooth surface that will make your outdoor space look absolutely amazing! The possibilities are endless, and the results are guaranteed to impress! Get ready to transform your property and enjoy all the incredible benefits that come with it!

"Solid guy! He was prompt and gave me notice that he was on his way; I definitely would use them again."
J. Biggsley- 5 Star Google Review!
"Need help on short noticed. John took care of me. He and his team did a professional job. I was very satisfied with his service. Would definitely use again."
Tony Gamron- 5 Star Google Review!
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