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About Schott Services


How I Got Started

My name is John Schott, and I am the owner and founder of Schott Services. I have been in the lawn, landscape, and horticulture field for over 20 years. In my early teenage years, I started working at a local south side greenhouse for one of the greatest employers ever! I learned so much about how to treat customers fairly and to operate a small business. More importantly, I gained a life long mentor and friend. I quickly discovered I had a passion for the outdoors and learning on the fly. I enjoyed working with my hands, being in nature and getting dirty. No suit and tie for me! I realized traditional schooling was not for me. I received an education that could never be taught in a classroom! 


A few years later I began working with another southside small business owner (equally as great as the first mentioned) who provided lawn and landscape services. I worked with him for three years and realized my calling in life. I needed to start my own business. Amazingly, God blessed me with not just 1 mentor/friend, but 2! Both of these fine gentlemen taught me everything I know to be a hard working, honest and top notch small business owner. I am forever grateful. I purchased my own "old" pick up truck, trailer, and mower. With much encouragement from both of these amazing men, Schott Services was born. With continued support from my parents, wife and family the business keeps going strong. And, as they say the rest is history!

A Little More History...

Originally, I provided lawn and landscape services. Then branched off into junk removal, light demolition, junk hauling and gravel driveway repair. From cutting grass to now cutting acres of overgrown honeysuckle and brush. Schott Services focus now is providing junk removal, gravel driveway repair/installation, lot clearing, landscape removal, forestry mulching and demolition services! I can remove your fence, deck, pond, landscaping, ground ivy, brush, above ground pool, mini barn, or gazebo. If it was built, grown, or installed on your property, I can typically remove it! When I was younger I never dreamed I would be hauling people's trash, tearing down mini barns or installing gravel driveways. But, every day I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. I truly love my profession and grateful for the many years of success! My goal on each and every job is customer satisfaction! Thank you to Indianapolis and surrounding towns!

About My Family

On a more personal note, my wife and I have six wonderful sons and three energetic daughters! Yes, 9 kids. They enjoy helping me out in the garage and around the yard. Our family enjoys road trips, going to state parks, kayaking, cycling or just enjoy sitting by a campfire. It is constant motion at our house. But, we do enjoy it! My wife and kids are the reason I try my hardest to please, you, the customer. When you hire Schott Services, you are helping my family. Thank you very much! My business is all I know and I am going to do my very best to treat every customer as I would like to be treated. The Golden Rule! God has blessed our family in all aspects and we are truly grateful! "Every day be Heaven bound and centered on Jesus Christ!" 

John Schott in front of pickup truck full of bicycles to be donated.
John Schott in front of his fully loaded truck & trailer from a house cleanout.

We support and sponsor: 

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