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Landscape Removal Indianapolis

Shrub Removal & Landscape Removal by Schott Services

Shrub Removal & Landscape Removal by Schott Services

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A large shrub and landscape wall to be removed from front of house.
All landscaping removed from front of house

What We Remove: Landscaping!

​We specialize in the removal of all different landscapes. Whether you have an old koi pond that is now a mosqitoe haven or just need to demolish a landscape retaining wall. We can tear down, haul away and level the area. Also, we are able to seed the area to get a new lawn growing! Indianapolis homeowners and business have trusted us since 2003 to tear out, demo, haul away any type of landscaping! Do you have overgrown yew bushes from 70's hiding your beautiful home? Great! We enjoy ripping out old bushes and brush to bring life back to home or business. We will dig out the entire root system to ensure any of your shrubs from growing back!


We have the equipment to clear and level any area of your property that has been neglected for many years. We can clear and remove the wild honeysuckle and mulberry that has taken over your backyard. You need to reclaim your property and enjoy every last part of it! Our machines are capable of lifting up to 1000lb. boulders to large chunks of concrete. And, our mini-skid steers are small enough to get into your back yard or alley way without doing extensive damage to your lawn. It all comes down to having the right equipment and expertise to tackle your project!


We have a proven technique to eliminate your English Ivy patch that covers half your yard or surrounds your house. We have many years experience removing decks, fences, gazebos, concrete/paver patios and walkways. This is the work we enjoy and come with a smile on our face! You can be certain that your next landscape demolition project will be completed quickly and efficiently! And, you get the owner-John Schott on each and every job from start to finish!!!

"John does outstanding work and was very easy to work with. He tore out our existing landscaping and put down grass. We had a brick patio, landscaping beds, a huge tree stump, and more plants and shrubs he had to remove. He’s a very hard worker with the upmost integrity, so you can rest easy knowing he’ll got the job done right."
Dustin Poole- 5 Star Google Review!
"John is a professional hard-working down to earth nice guy! I recommend him to anyone who needs a service he provides! I will absolutely use him again in the future!"
Shari Lee- 5 Star Google Review!
"Schott Services did a wonderful job removing my overgrown bushes. They do a good job smoothing and leveling the areas. I am definitely going to use them again for other jobs that come up. They are quick, efficient and affordable."
Pat Blackowicz- 5 Star Google Review!
Overgrown landscape in backyard needing everything removed in Indianapolis, Indiana
John Schott in front yard after all landscaping removed in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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