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Storage Unit Clean Out

Office furniture and junk in a storage unit that needs hauled away.
Storage unit clean out by Schott Services
  • Did you buy a storage unit at an auction and need the junk removed?

  • Want to eliminate monthly storage rental fee?

  • To many storage units and need to reduce unwanted items?

We have the solution! We provide storage unit clean out service in Indianapolis/connected cities. Let us be your first choice to remove unwanted items, clutter or just plain ole' junk from your storage unit. Storage unit facilities have had auctions to reduce unused or abandoned units for a long time. But, within the recent past TV shows have popularized the storage auction business with many people wanting to cash in on that big find! We hope that you found something great hidden in the unit and can recoup your money. Unfortunately, many times you just bought someone else's junk and now you own it. And, you are typically required to remove all items in a short period of time. We can help to clear out the trash and unwanted items on short notice!

We have had many customers call us to clear out a loved ones storage unit after they have passed away. If you have been assigned the task of finishing up their estate and have found out that they have been renting storage units for many years...this can be an added headache. No problem! Whatever the amount of stuff that has been stored away for years. We will get it out for you quickly. We can haul away clothes, furniture, appliances, art, antiques, collectibles, boxes of junk, clutter, household items, mattresses, kids toys, dressers and whatever else that has been stored away. Maybe your inheritance is sitting there waiting to be never know what you will find in a storage unit! 


Storage units can be a friend and foe. When moving and need temporary storage of your household items, furniture and personal belongings storage units are very helpful. But, when you have moved in, decided to buy all new furniture and only took out a few things from your storage you are paying a monthly fee each month that adds up quickly over time. We will clear out and haul away all of the stuff you no longer need. We provide flexible scheduling to fit your schedule and free estimates. Just send us dimensions and pictures of the inside of your storage unit. We can typically provide an estimate with text, call or email. Most times the customer needs to meet us there to show us what is going away. Or, if you are in another city/state and not able to meet in person...we will show up, clear out storage unit and send pictures of emptied space! For easiest payment, we accept all credit cards over the phone to simplify the process. Our goal is your satisfaction and do not accept payment until we have reached that goal!

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