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Landscape Services Indianapolis

Total Yard Makeover-SO MUCH IVY!

Total Yard Makeover-SO MUCH IVY!

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John Schott using a mini skid steer to scoop dirt to be hauled away.
John Schott in front of a completed gravel driveway repair job.  Crushed limestone spread on drvieway in Indianapolis, IN.

Landscape Services

We offer gravel driveway installation, gravel driveway resurfacing, yard grading, landscape removal, ivy removal, shrub removal, light duty tree removal, hauling and junk removal services. We also provide brush removal and backyard lot clearing. If you like to do landscape projects yourself, but don't know what to do with excess dirt or materials. We provide dirt removal and construction debris removal services. We remove honeysuckle and other invasive plants that you are wanting cleared from your landscape! 


We specialize in landscape removal and landscape demolition services. We are able to remove any aspect of your landscape no longer needed. We provide concrete removal, deck removal, fence removal, koi pond removal, garden shed removal or even a greenhouse! If it was built on your property, we can typically deconstruct and haul it away! We have the proper equipment to get into tight spaces like backyards or are able to do larger yard grading projects. We can move or remove large boulders from your landscape as well! So, if in the need of exterior demolition and removal services please give us a call or text!

What other landscape services do you provide?


We provide landscape services in the greater Indianapolis area serving residential and businesses alike. We provide yard leveling to help correct uneven areas on your property. Power raking and garden tilling can improve the condition of your soil to start new grass seed to grow. Or, maybe you just need to move landscape material from your front yard to back yard. Our mini skid steer with huge landscape bucket can transfer large volumes of topsoil, gravel, crushed limestone and mulch. Your wheelbarrow will thank you and your back!


Are your shrubs and bushes hiding your beautiful house? That's right! We offer a unique service of only shrub removal. If you just need the giant yew bushes removed from the front of your house, we are here to help! Bush removal will help the safety and security of your home or business. It can bring more light into your home and help with safety along sidewalks. Or, we can remove entire hedges at your property line to open up your yard. Go ahead, remove that pesky hedge. Enjoy your summer relaxing, not trimming! 

Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality landscape removal services that are essential for maintaining a clean and well-manicured property. We understand the importance of removing unwanted trees, shrubs, and other vegetation safely and efficiently, and we have the necessary tools and knowledge to do so. Our priority is to preserve the natural beauty of your property while ensuring its safety and functionality. You can trust us to deliver exceptional landscape removal services that will leave your property looking pristine and well-maintained. Check out our You Tube page for the latest videos of recent landscape jobs we have completed in the Indianapolis area!

We will do what it takes to earn your business and prove it by our workmanship! There is no deposit required before we begin, and we don't collect payment until you are satisfied with the completed project! We have been serving the Indianapolis and surrounding cities since 2003. We have over 2,000 5 Star GoogleAngi, Yelp and Facebook reviews from satisfied customers!

A gravel driveway leading up to home with new crushed limestone spread in Indianapolis, IN.
John Schott in a backyard with all landscaping removed in Indianapolis, IN.
A mini skid steer with grapple clearing  and grubbing  an empty lot in Indianapolis, IN.

Don't Take Our Word For It!

"John just finished up clearing my back and side yards, pouring a ~650 sq. ft. gravel parking pad, and seeding the entire new lawn. He took an unmanageable jungle and turned it into what I know will be a beautiful new yard in just a day and a half of work! John works faster than fast and nails every detail. The best part is his price is more than reasonable. I'm so glad I found John and look forward to the next project."
Daniel Shepherd- Indianapolis, IN
"In a day John knocked out a job that would have taken me the entire summer. Feels like I got great deal and the yard looks great."
Mark Fischer- Indianapolis, IN 
"John is excellent. Did exactly what I wanted and did it correctly. Excavated part of my old gravel driveway, hauled it off, then mixed topsoil and compost so it’s ready for my new flower garden. :). Priced competitively and cares about his work. Highly recommend!"
Susie Crawford- Indianapolis, IN
"I needed to add gravel and regrade my driveway and John Schott was wonderful to deal with. The price was very reasonable and he responded to all of my questions and concerns via email promptly and professionally. I cannot say enough good things about him!"
John Knapp-Noblesville, IN 
"John does outstanding work and was very easy to work with. He tore out our existing landscaping and put down grass. We had a brick patio, landscaping beds, a huge tree stump, and more plants and shrubs he had to remove. He’s a very hard worker with the upmost integrity, so you can rest easy knowing he’ll got the job done right."
Dustin Poole-Indianapolis, IN 
"John was incredibly responsive, prompt, and efficient! Great experience!"
Annie Blaine- Indianapolis, IN 
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