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Dirt Removal Indianapolis

Dirt Removal- Yes I Remove Dirt For A Living!

Dirt Removal- Yes I Remove Dirt For A Living!

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Dirt, dirt and more dirt! This may be one of the most popular calls we get for our removal and hauling services. We are able to provide quick and efficient removal of your dirt pile, clean fill, stump grinder chips, brush debris, stone or any other piles of landscape material. Also, we provide Bobcat skid steer services to spread soil/dirt out on your property. This can typically save you money, rather than hauling it away. And, you get a new patch of grass when it's done! We do offer general landscaping services to spread seed and straw when your soil removal project is complete. We can give pricing on these additional services up front!


Many customers, like myself, are Do-It-Yourselfers and like to install their own patio or landscaping. But, many of these jobs require excavation of soil. It's easy to make a pile in your backyard and forget about it. You leave it there for a few months, weeds take over and a few/many years later you have a nice mound of dirt with trees growing in it! We dump responsibly at local landfills. And, more often than not, we can reuse or recycle your unwanted dirt, rock, mulch, concrete or stump chips. We have many other projects going on at the same time that need fill dirt. So, if the dirt is not "dirty", meaning it doesn't have a large amount of trash/debris in it we can typically transfer it to another jobsite. This can help reduce cost and possibly help another customer at same time!

We have the solution! Depending on the volume of dirt, we can typically remove it same day or within a few days. We even provide light excavation of dirt and soil. You can save your back, many lost weekends and let us do the heavy lifting. Our equipment is small enough to get in to most backyards, narrow gates and quick enough to move large volumes of dirt efficiently! Indianapolis residents have called upon us since 2003 to move, haul away or spread dirt piles on their properties. Call or text today for a free estimate!

Top Questions For A Dirt Removal Company

We focus on removal of smaller loads of excess dirt from your DIY landscape projects, sewer line excavation, pool installs, landscape mounds or residential dirt removal. We can do offer dirt extraction from larger work sites, but not always most cost effective solution! Don't hesitate to contact us though to see if we can still help with your soil disposal needs!


How many cubic yards of material do you think you need removed?


For reference, a standard size pickup truck (8-foot bed) holds 3 cubic yards if slightly mounded above bed. (Think of an Ford F-150!) We can haul away dirt, rock, mulch, sod, stump chips and dense yard waste. We can haul a maximum of 12 cubic yards per our truck/trailer load (slightly more if very dry in summer). But, we can take multiple loads for larger dirt removal jobs. Pricing will decrease on larger dirt removal jobs!  Please send a picture of dirt pile to determine a rough estimate on volume.


How much does dirt removal cost?

If you have 3 cubic yards or less in a pile, we have a minimum charge of $375-$500. If you have 4 cubic yards or more in a pile, we charge $125-$150 per cubic yard. Please remember the proximity of loading into our truck and trailer can increase price. Loading from curb/driveway is less than from a backyard area. This pricing is typically for loading a dirt pile directly into our truck/trailer. If material is more than 100 feet away from truck then price can increase, but not always. For larger dirt removal jobs we do try to reduce the price per cubic yard. Every job, every dirt pile, every property is different. How close you are to the proper dump site can affect cost. We may ask a few clarifying questions to determine pricing for your dirt hauling project. Once we receive all needed information we do our best to give you the best possible price!


How quickly can you remove my dirt? 

You're in luck! We typically remove dirt piles same day or within a week! We know that if you are calling to have it removed, you probably want it gone soon. Depending on the volume of your dirt and weather can affect haul away times. But, we do our best to get rid of your dirt as quick as possible! There 


What if I need the dirt excavated?

No problem! We offer light excavation of earth/dirt/soil for your paver patio, concrete installation, grading and yard drainage projects. Again, our focus is for the backyard D.I.Y customer who doesn't want to run a shovel and wheelbarrow all day. We are fast and it will be money well spent. Trust us, we have been in business for 20 plus years. We have worn out all of our shovels and wheelbarrows!


How do you move the dirt piles? 

We have a proven system to get rid of your dirt pile in record time. We use a mini skid steer with rubber tracks to move your dirt material. This is a stand on machine that is compact and nimble to get into tight spaces of your yard or property. The mini skid steer is great just about any project at your home. It is light on your yard to avoid rutting like a full size skid steer. And, if there is a concern for yard damage we use plywood to protect your lawn. Our goal is to make your dirt disappear and you not even know we were there!

How can we save you money?


We all like to save money! If there is a more economical way of getting rid of your dirt, we will find out a solution. Many times your dirt pile can be spread right back onto your property. We offer yard grading, yard leveling, power raking and and tilling services. We can move a large quantity of dirt/soil in short time if the dirt is spread back out onto your property. Our earth moving service means less time we are hauling away dirt, which saves you more money. Once we see the full scope of your dirt removal project we will give our professional opinion on how to best finish your job. If you are digging the dirt yourself, you can save money by piling it at the curb or in your driveway. As mentioned before, if your dirt pile is football field away from our truck then it will take more time, cost more money. Summer months are great for this soil extraction because we can drive our trucks directly onto your property if the space allows!

How soon after excavation work should I have dirt hauled away or moved?


We have many customers call us after they have sewer excavation work completed on their property. Many times it's just a few weeks and they no longer want to look at the large mound of dirt in their yard. Dirt settles and many times a lot depending on how deep the excavation company dug. If dirt or soil is removed to soon then you will be left with a large trench after we haul away your dirt. (Pro-Tip: It's ideal to wait at least 6 months after any type of major excavation work. This will help avoid having a trench show up over time.) You can speed up the settling process by placing soaker hoses over the the trench. But, we recommend letting mother nature do her job. Rain is best for settling!

***Due to materials volume increasing once dug up from being settled, the final price may not be given until loaded. But, we will do our best to estimate the total load before the start of the project!***

John Schott removing dirt with a mini skid steer
Schott Services dump truck fully loaded with  dirt to be a hauled away.
"I had a dirt mound from a storm shelter install from a few years ago. He was able to stop by for a quick estimate and gave me a couple of different options (grading vs dirt removal). Really easy to work with and was honest/upfront with everything. Will use him again if I need any work done."
Mike Lively- 5 Star Google Review!
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