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Junk Removal & Hauling Carmel

Hungry Dump Truck...Now a Happy Dump Truck!

Hungry Dump Truck...Now a Happy Dump Truck!

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We RECYCLE, REUSE, or DONATE your unwanted items!

Junk Removal Services

Voted one of the top cities to live in the United States, Carmel is great place to raise a family or start your business. Life is busy enough, Schott Services wants to help out with all of your junk removal needs! Schott Services has been providing trash removal and hauling services to Carmel residents since 2003. We are able to haul away large bulky items (sofas, refrigerators, dressers, exercise equipment) that your weekly trash pickup services will not take! We show up on time, every time and are very mindful of your schedule. Also, we arrive in unmarked trucks and trailers. This keeps nosy neighbors at bay and helps with privacy!

Schott Services can remove basketball goals, swing sets, decks, fences and just about any other outdoor structure on your property. We don't stop at just trash removal! We can remove your old landscaping, brush piles or clear overgrowth on your lot. We even provide concrete and dirt removal! Is your garage overflowing with stuff? We have the solution to help with your garage junk removal and curbside pickup.  We appreciate each and every customer...and helping out with your junk removal needs. 

With flexible scheduling and quick turnaround, we can typically get your old junk removed same day or within a few days of initial contact. Out of town? Many customers trust us with access to their property to remove their junk while not home. You can set it at the curb or outside your garage for easy removal. We accept check in person or credit card over the phone for the easiest transaction. Our goal is your satisfaction and want to make the junk removal process smooth as silk! Our customers appreciate that each and every call/text/email is answered within minutes by the owner, John Schott! And, John Schott is at each and every job so there are no communication issues throughout having your trash removed! We believe that communication is key to our success. Check out our Reviews Page for actual testimonial of previous customer!

John Schott in a collage photo of a garage cleanout of junk in Carmel, IN.

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Junk Removal Company

Hiring a junk removal company in Carmel, IN can offer numerous benefits, making the process of decluttering or disposing of unwanted items more efficient and convenient. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider hiring a junk removal service in Carmel:

1. Time-saving:
   Junk removal companies can quickly and efficiently handle the removal of items, saving you the time and effort it would take to do it yourself.

2. Convenience:
   Professionals will handle all aspects of the removal process, from lifting heavy items to proper disposal, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

3. Safety:
   Handling large or heavy items on your own can be risky. Junk removal experts are trained to lift and move items safely, reducing the risk of injury.

4. Proper disposal:
   Junk removal companies are familiar with local regulations and environmental guidelines for waste disposal. They can ensure that items are disposed of or recycled responsibly.

5. Efficient clean-up:
   Professionals have the experience and equipment to efficiently clean out spaces, whether it's a residential property, office, or construction site.

6. Cost-effective:
   When you factor in the time, effort, and potential disposal fees, hiring a junk removal service can be more cost-effective than attempting to handle the removal yourself.

7. Professional expertise:
   Junk removal professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle various types of items, including hazardous materials, appliances, furniture, and more.

8. Environmentally friendly:
   Reputable junk removal companies prioritize environmentally friendly practices, recycling or donating items when possible to reduce the impact on landfills.

9. Versatility:
   Whether you're dealing with old furniture, electronic waste, yard debris, or construction materials, a junk removal service can handle a wide range of items.

10. Stress reduction:
    Hiring professionals allows you to relax and focus on other priorities while they take care of the entire junk removal process, reducing stress and making the experience more convenient.

When considering a junk removal company in Carmel, IN, be sure to research and choose a reputable and licensed service to ensure a smooth and reliable experience.

John Schott in front of dump trailer full junk and boxes from junk removal job.
"Did a great job removing trash from our house! Fast and efficient and was very nice to work with as well. Responded quickly to my email too which was a great bonus. Definitely recommend!"
Oliver Webb- 5 Star Google Review!
"John is very quick to reply back and coordinate a time for pickup. Very hard worker and reliable. He helped pull an old chest freezer from the basement and remove other junk I had built up. Definitely recommend."
Sean Morgan- 5 Star Google Review
"We hired John to remove some yard debris and brush from our yard and garage. He promptly replied to my phone call and removed the debris within 2 days of the request. He was incredibly reasonable and was able to adjust to varying work circumstances. I highly recommend John/Schott services!"
Carole- 5 Star Google Review
"John was a delight to work with. He removed three pick up trucks worth of junk for a reasonable price. Him and his team were polite and efficient."
McKenzie Altman-5 Star Google Review
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