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Haul & Junk Removal Pricing

Illegal Dumping! Quick Junk Removal: Smash That Trash

Illegal Dumping! Quick Junk Removal: Smash That Trash

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  • Mattresses

  • Pool Tables

  • Sheds

  • Mini-Barns

  • Awnings

  • Carports

  • Decks 

  • Fences

  • Outdoor Equip.

  • Swing Sets

  • Trampolines

General Minimum Pricing Information

Type of Waste or Work

Junk & Trash Removal: $150-$250

Bagged Yard Waste: $150-$250

Furniture/Bulky Items: $150-$250

Appliances/Heavy Trash: $150-$250

Brush Piles/Tree Limbs: (See below)

Dirt & Dense Waste: (See below)

Mini Skid Steer: (See below)

This is our minimum pricing for a pickup truck sized load (4 cubic yards or less) of junk removal and hauling. For less than 2 cubic yards picked up at curb/driveway, our bare minimum is $150. We always use a large truck and trailer with the capacity of 12-30 cubic yards depending on type of waste material being hauled away.

Location, Location, Location! The location of your junk, trash, brush or dirt pile on your property can greatly affect pricing. Junk removal from curb is less expensive than from your basement or upstairs. Hauling away a brush pile from the curb or driveway will cost less than from your backyard. But, really depends on what it is you are needing removed. We can remove just about anything from your garage, curb or outside. We may be limited on some larger, heavy items from inside, but not always. Please send us pictures/info of your job first to determine how we can best serve you. We offer discounted winter pricing November through February.

Pickup Truck Sized Load

  • Most common load size for household junk, furniture, brush piles

  • 4'wide x 8'long x 3'tall (4 CYs or less)

  • $150-$250 minimum (curb/garage vs. upstairs/basement)

  • $150 minimum for half a pickup truck sized load or less at curb/driveway

  • Text or Email Pictures (Fast Estimate)

  • For estimating volume only, we use the pickup truck sized load

  • We haul away in a large dump truck and dump trailer. We have the capacity to take the volume of several pickup truck sized loads at a time

  • We provide home, office, garage, curbside & storage unit junk removal

  • We Smash Your Trash to fit more on our truck & trailer

Graphic art photo of pickup truck with red outline box in truck bed to show the minimum size cost we haul away.

Additional Info For Brush Piles & Tree Limbs

How many pickup truck sized loads of brush/tree limbs do you need removed? We charge per the volume of pickup truck sized load. For larger sized brush piles we use our mini skid steer to load into our truck and trailer. We typically charge $150-$250 depending on location of pile or how easily we can access the pile with our machine. A load sitting at curb or in your driveway will be less expensive than if sitting in your backyard. We typically need at least 4 feet width to access brush piles or stick piles. We do have a minimum charge of $375-$500 when using our machine, which includes up to 2 pickup truck sized loads of brush. We do cut up and compress brush as much as possible to help reduce final cost. We have the ability to haul large logs and fallen trees. Please text or email pictures for most accurate pricing!

Additional Info For Dirt & Heavy, Dense Waste Material

How many cubic yards of waste material do you need removed? For reference, a standard size pickup truck with 8 foot bed holds 3 cubic yards (Think of an F-150). We do have a minimum charge of $375-$500 for all dirt/heavy material removal jobs, but can include up to 3 cubic yards. If you have 4 cubic yards or more, we typically charge $125-$150 per cubic yard. We can haul up to 12 cubic yards per our truck/trailer load combined, and can take multiple loads for larger jobs! Again, location of your dirt, concrete or heavy/dense material pile can greatly affect the pricing. A pile sitting at curb or in driveway costs less versus sitting in your backyard. Please know that heavier dense materials (dirt, concrete, construction waste) are typically quoted in person or possibly by pictures. Please text or email pictures of job for most accurate pricing. Labor and disposal fees are included in price.

Additional Info For Skid Steer Work

Most of the jobs we focus on require the use of our mini skid steer. This includes most landscape removal work, bush/shrub removal, gravel driveway repair/installation, brush/lot clearing, large brush piles, forestry mulching, yard grading/leveling, power raking, etc... We do have a minimum charge of $375-$500 for any job utilizing our machines. We are fast and efficient with our mini skid steer! We can complete many jobs that fall within our minimum charge rather quickly and very often the drive time to jobsite is much of the cost. Please text or email pictures for fast pricing!

An image of major credit cards that we accept for payment.

We accept check, Zelle, Venmo & credit cards!

Send pictures of your job for quick and easy pricing. CALL or TEXT for a free estimate!

We are unique from other junk removal companies! We have an on-board trash compacting machine! Yes, a machine that can reduce large bulky items like couches, wood furniture, household items, brush piles, boxes and more to half the volume or less in seconds! We typically have a minimum charge of $150-$250 for all junk removal and junk pickup jobs. This is good for up to the volume of a pickup truck sized load (4 cubic yards or less). We do offer curbside single item pickup or less than half a pickup truck sized load (2 cubic yards or less) for a minimum price of $150. Examples: single mattress, washer or dryer, exercise equipment


How does this benefit you? More trash, junk, bulky furniture, tree limbs and yard waste hauled away for less! No other junk removal service in Indianapolis offers this added benefit! Also, we are able to load a large volume of junk extremely fast with our machine. We can clear out pole barns or garages full of junk in record time. Whether it's construction debris removal or someone illegally dumped junk on your property, we offer this unique service to get rid of your trash fast!

Do you have a heavy item on your property that's impossible to move?

Our machine can lift many items up to a 1,000 lbs. with ease from just about anywhere on your property. We have removed commercial grade refrigerators, gun safes, zero-turn lawn mowers, old farm equipment, large boulders and giant logs to name a few! We can remove heavy, bulky items from deep in your woods or directly from your curb/garage. Please challenge us on something truly unique that needs hauled away!

  • Furniture

  • Kids Toys

  • Bicycles

  • Televisions

  • Computers

  • E-Waste

  • Tires 

  • Exercise Equip.

  • Appliances 

  • Cardboard

  • Pallets

  • Appliances

  • Washer & Dryer

  • Lawn Mowers

  • Snow Blowers

  • Tree Limbs

  • Yard Waste

  • Brush Piles

  • Rocks

  • Concrete

  • Dirt 

  • Const. Debris

  • Mattresses

  • Pool Tables

  • Sheds

  • Mini-Barns

  • Awnings

  • Carports

  • Decks 

  • Fences

  • Outdoor Equip.

  • Swing Sets

  • Trampolines

  • Shrubs

  • Clothing

  • Books

  • Clutter

  • Farm Equip.

  • Boats

  • RV-Campers 

  • Garage Junk

  • Estates

  • Illegal Dumping

  • Heavy Trash

~Pricing of complex jobs vary greatly depending on size of items and accessibility. We provide removal from throughout your property. Our prices are lower than most companies because you deal directly with owner on every transaction from start to finish. Thank you!~

 Schott Services dump truck and trailer fully loaded with junk,  matteresses and furniture.
John Schott jokingly laying on lawn mowers.
John Schott removing a concrete footer for a basketball goal.

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