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Demolition & Removal Services Indianapolis

Odd Jobs Of All Sorts! Demolition Day!

Odd Jobs Of All Sorts! Demolition Day!

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John Schott cutting metal with a Stihl cutoff saw in Indiapapolis, IN.
John Schott is climbing a brick entryway that he is demolishing.
John Schott operating a mini  skid steer with breaker hammer attachment. John is demoliishing concrete in Indianapolis, IN.

We provide shed demolition services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Schott Services can remove your shed, mini-barn, gazebo, or other outdoor structures. In business since 2003, we have the knowledge, expertise and know-how to tackle any outdoor structure on your property! We have specialized equipment to get into backyards and remove with ease! If it's dilapidated, roof is caving in, or you just don't need your mini-barn have come to the right place. Schott Services is here to help with free estimates and easy communication. Call or text John Schott 317-784-8760 or email at

John Schott removing a mini-barn for a  customer in  Indianaopolis, IN.
John Schott in front of swing set loaded in trailer after job is complete.

We provide swing set and playground removal services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Schott Services can remove your play set, tree house, trampolines, climbing walls and commercial playground equipment. In business since 2003, we have demolished and hauled away many swing sets for Indianapolis homeowners. Either your kids have grown up or it is rotting and no longer safe to play on your swing set, we are here to help! We provide play set removal service for neighborhood associations and can remove play ground equipment for city/state parks.

Send us pictures of your swing set and we can give a price right over the phone. It's easy and are estimates are always free!

John Schott in front of fence being demolished and hauled away.

Let our equipment and muscles tackle your next fence demolition project! No matter the season or the weather, we're ready to tear down your unwanted fence. We've got the experience and knowledge to complete your jobs quickly and efficiently. We provide fence removal services for Indianapolis homeowners and businesses. Chain link, stockade, privacy or farm fencing. Steel, wood, aluminum or mesh. We remove all types of fencing! If you just need the posts removed...we can help! Schott Services is able to remove entire post with concrete footer or we can cut post off below ground to save you money! We haul away all fencing materials to open up your backyard or commercial lot. We offer free estimates and can typically take a look while you are at work. So, there is no need to change your schedule to get an estimate. Our goal on every job is your satisfaction!!! 

Whether it's worn out or just no longer needed, removing a deck can transform your yard and house. We frequently get requests for removing decks after customers have attempted to remove them by themselves only to find that the task is very labor-intensive.  From removing the cemented posts to hauling away the materials, it's a job you better leave to professionals! Schott Services provides removal of all decking materials, posts and concrete footers. We can even remove any attached structures to your deck such as gazebos and pergolas. For the do-it-yourself customer that would like to dismantle their deck, but doesn't have a truck to haul away...we provide excellent junk removal and hauling services in Indianapolis. Schott Services has you covered from all aspects of  your deck removal needs! Call, text or email today for a free estimate!!!

John Schott cutting  a deck to be demolished and hauled away in Indianapolis, IN.
John Schott in an after picture of a total backyard landscape removal job in Indianapolis, IN.

Need help with landscape removal and demolition? Schott Services provides complete landscaping removal services including shrub removal, brush removal, lot clearing, landscape bed leveling, stump removal and yard grading. We have the equipment to clear large areas of overgrown brush, brambles and honeysuckle. We remove koi ponds, retaining walls, outdoor living areas, paver patios and any other structures built into your landscape. The best way to think of us is "reverse landscaping"! We are happy for the business and once you see us work you know you are getting your money's worth! From start to finish, John Schott is on site doing the work to ensure the removal process is done correctly! For a free estimate, call or text today at 317-784-8760. Or, email at

If you haven't figured out yet...we demolish and remove stuff! We dismantle and haul away swing sets, play ground equipment, koi ponds, basketball goals, gazebos, pergolas, landscape walls, masonry work, concrete block walls, landscaping, outdoor structures and much more. If it was built on your property, land or yard we can help! If you don't see it on our list of what we us anyway! Owner, John Schott, is always honest and up-front about whether a job is to big or not. We don't want to waste your time, but would hate to miss out on an demolition opportunity in Indianapolis! Thank You!

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