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Gravel Driveway Indianapolis

Gravel Driveway Transformed Into Talk Of The Neighborhood!

Gravel Driveway Transformed Into Talk Of The Neighborhood!

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Gravel driveway before repairs.
Gravel driveway after repairs with crushed limestone.

Gravel Driveway Repair & Installation

We provide professional gravel driveway installation and repair. Our service area includes Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Gravel driveways are affordable, easy to maintain, and can be customized to achieve your desired design! Schott Services has been maintaining and beautifying Indianapolis residents gravel driveways since 2003. We have many 5 star Google, Angi and Yelp reviews testifying to our gravel driveway services! Check out our Review page to read just a few of the great feedback customers have given us over the years!




We have installed gravel driveways from 10 feet to 1000 feet! Do you have a boat, camper or RV sitting in the mud? We install gravel parking pads for your boat, camper or RV. We can add additional parking space to your existing driveway to help with new drivers in the family needing parking space. You will work directly with the owner-John Schott on every job to ensure the job is done right the first time. And, that you are completely satisfied. Our reputation is based off high quality service and high quality communication. We provide up-front pricing and provide free estimates/quotes. We offer competitive pricing and remain one of the top gravel driveway installers in Indianapolis.


We install many gravel driveways and parking spaces in the heart of the city. Broad Ripple, Irvington, Fountain Square all have limited parking on their lots due to zero lot lines. Our compact mini skid steer is ideal for adding extra gravel parking in these areas of Indy. We have helped many residences and businesses in these areas make the most of their limited space. Let us help keep you and/or your guests out of the mud! Gravel is a great alternative to concrete and asphalt because most times there are no permits required. 


Our gravel driveway installation service involves grading or excavating the driveway site with our machinery. And, making sure it will be level and prevent dips from forming. For extensive leveling, we can deliver fill dirt or excavate the area to provide proper installation. We can vary the size of gravel used in order to meet your individual needs.

Don't drive across the moon every day, let us repair your gravel driveway! If you already have a gravel driveway and it is showing signs of deterioration, we are able to make repairs no matter how extensive. Our gravel driveway repair service includes fixing potholes large and small. And, we can level and smooth out the notorious high ridge that runs down the middle of your gravel driveway. Is your gravel driveway more grass than gravel?! We power rake and level every driveway before any new crushed limestone is applied. The power rake busts up the toughest weeds and cuts sharp clean edges along the grass.


Our process is essential to making sure your driveway is perfectly smooth before new stone material is spread out evenly. The power rake will pulverize any compacted driveway, no matter how long it's been since you last had it graded. Many companies in town offer cheaper service but do not include power raking and leveling. They will drop spread the stone directly from the truck. This is not necessarily a bad service, but not always the right service. If your gravel driveway has high/low spots and loaded with weeds. Power raking is ideal to ensuring the new stone lays flawlessly smooth across the driveway!


We spread your new gravel or crushed limestone for a perfect finish. Depending on size of driveway, we will hand rake smooth to give that professional look! Also, we have the proper equipment to do larger parking areas and extra long driveways. We have repaired driveways up to a mile long! For questions or inquiries, please feel free to call or text today! 

Installation of Driveways & Parking 

Repair of Potholes & Weeds

Course L gravel  at top of collage and #8 crushed limestone at bottom.

Is it gravel or crushed limestone?

There is some confusion on gravel driveways vs crushed limestone driveways. Most of the time when customers call us for gravel driveway installation or repair, it's actually crushed limestone! But, they are both very different materials. Gravel can be used for driveways, but is not ideal. It's a naturally occurring rock that is mined directly from the ground. It is screened into different products such as sand, pea gravel and #8 course L commonly called river rock(top of picture above). This makes a great material for landscape rock mulch, drainage and French drains. With its round shape it doesn't fare well for driveways but doesn't mean it can't be used in the driveway application. It does not compact and lock together like crushed limestone.

Crushed limestone on the other hand is most ideal for driveways. Crushed limestone is great for a driving surface because the material spreads easily and locks together. This is ensures a tight, well compacted driveway surface. There are many different sizes of crushed limestone to build the best driveway. surface. #2 stone is used for very deep potholes or a base layer for new crushed stone driveway installation. #53 stone with crusher dust is ideal for repairing smaller potholes, building up second layer of new driveway work. It can be used as a top layer. #53 stone is great if looking for a material that will compact tight for a hard road surface. It can get muddy in the spring, but is like concrete in the summer. #8 washed stone is what makes your gravel(crushed limestone) radiant when we are done. #8 stone is most common for top dressing a driveway. 

Benefits of Gravel Driveways(Crushed Limestone!):

Cost-Effective Gravel or crushed limestone driveways are generally more affordable to install compared to asphalt or concrete driveways.

Easy Installation The installation process for gravel driveways is relatively quick and straightforward, often requiring less time and labor.

Versatility Gravel driveways can complement various architectural styles and landscaping designs, providing a versatile option for homeowners.

Natural Drainage Gravel allows for natural water drainage, preventing puddles and minimizing the risk of water-related damage.

Low Maintenance Gravel driveways typically require less maintenance than asphalt or concrete surfaces. Simple tasks like occasional raking and replenishing gravel can keep them looking neat.


No Cracking Unlike concrete, gravel does not crack over time due to freeze-thaw cycles, reducing the need for repairs.

Snow Removal Gravel driveways often handle snow and ice better than smooth surfaces, providing better traction during winter months.

Easy Repairs If a section of the driveway becomes damaged or uneven, repairs are usually straightforward by adding more gravel to the affected area.

Aesthetically Pleasing Gravel driveways can add a rustic or natural aesthetic to a property, enhancing its overall visual appeal.

Environmentally Friendly Gravel is a natural material, and using it for driveways minimizes the environmental impact associated with manufacturing other materials like asphalt or concrete.

Permeability Gravel allows rainwater to penetrate the ground, promoting groundwater recharge and reducing runoff, which is beneficial for the local ecosystem.

Customization Homeowners can choose from a variety of gravel types, sizes, and colors, allowing for customization to match personal preferences and the overall design of the property.

A gravel driveway needing repaired in Indianapolis, IN.
A gravel driveway with new crushed limestone spread in Indianapolis, IN.
"In 2 hours John took my large gravel parking area from overgrown, weed infested, uneven mess to level and clean gravel area. He communicated often about the timeline and came 2 weeks early. Very good price."
Kimberly Paugh- 5 star Google Review!
"John was on time, polite, very detailed description on the work to be performed, and completed the work when promised. He widened my driveway and made a parking lot big enough for my camper and 4 cars! John went above and beyond what was expected. Very pleased with Schott Services and I highly recommend and will be using them again."
ZZGSMY- 5 star Google Review!
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