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Forestry Mulching Indianapolis

Mini-Skid Steer Madness!-Very Steep Brush Cutting/Forestry Mulching On Hillside

Mini-Skid Steer Madness!-Very Steep Brush Cutting/Forestry Mulching On Hillside

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A pond completey covered with  brush and trees needing cleared with forestry mulcher.
A pond after all brush and trees are cleared with forestry mulcher.

We provide the Indianapolis area with high quality forestry mulching services. We can manage the overgrowth along fence lines, property lines or walking paths. Our services include clearing trail paths in your woods or forestry mulching an overgrown patch of land in your backyard! Whatever your brush removal needs may be, we can help! We are able to open up your property from invasive species overcrowding your yard or empty lot. Maybe you purchased a new home with loads of brush and honeysuckle? We can clear unwanted plants, fallen tree limbs and logs to give you better management over your property.

Schott Services focuses on mini forestry mulching services. Our mini forestry mulcher is great for smaller sized jobs where a larger machine does not make sense. Or, when a larger machine can not access your backyard or garden. Please don't be discouraged though! We have completed several large forestry mulching jobs for customers covering a few to several acres. We understand when a job is to big for us and will be honest if it's to big of a project. But, always appreciate the opportunity. Watch our videos on Youtube to see what we are capable of getting done! We are highly reviewed on Google, Angi and Yelp. We are not being boastful, just giving you a glimpse of the satisfaction we have provided to our customers over the years!


We have helped many customers with brush clearing of undergrowth in their woods or forests. We can manage all types of vegetation such as honeysuckle, saplings, brambles or vines. Many times our customers needs require it to be done by hand due to space restrictions. But, this can be tedious and expensive. Our forestry mulching machine is compact enough to get into backyards, through side yards and maneuvering through out the existing trees. We can provide a free estimate for your forestry mulching. We offer discounted pricing in the winter from November thru February. Contact Us for details! Our service area includes all of Marion County and portions of surrounding counties. We typically stay within a 15-20 mile radius of downtown Indy.

Top Advantages of Forestry Mulching

Here are some of the top advantages of forestry mulching that will convince you to give it a try:


- It's an eco-friendly way to clear land without causing any harm to the soil or the ecosystem.

- It's a cost-effective solution that saves both time and money compared to traditional land clearing methods.

- It creates a nutrient-rich layer of mulch that helps to retain moisture, prevent erosion, and promote healthy plant growth.

- It's a versatile technique that can be used for various projects, such as creating firebreaks, clearing trails, and preparing building sites.


Forestry mulching is a game-changer when it comes to land clearing. We are confident that you will find it to be an excellent choice for your next project.

Honeysuckle undegrowth to be cut with a forestry mulcher.
Forestry mulching job clearing undergrowth honeysuckle in Indianapolis, IN.
"They were able to come out and help me right away with some brush hauling. Price, clean-up, and professionalism was first rate. Will use again!"
Dutchman Kamstra- 5 Star Google Review!
"John did an excellent job of clearing away a massive amount of brush and overgrowth in my backyard. He came quickly, was on time, was courteous and respectful, worked very hard and quickly, and made sure I was happy with the results when he was done. I would highly recommend him."
Christy Brinkuff- 5 Star Google Review!
"Called and he was able to come out that same afternoon! Provided text updates on when he'd be arriving and quick service. Would definetly use again!! Thank you!! :)"
Katy Adams- 5 Star Google Review!
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Contact Schott Services
Contact Schott Services
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