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Vegetation Control & Management

Vegetation Control

Vegetation Control

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Vegetation control  services by Schott Services.
An after photo of vegetation cleared from a customers home in  Indianapolis. IN

Reasons To Call Today!

We provide the greater Indianapolis area with high quality vegetation control services. We can manage the overgrowth along fence lines, property lines or walking paths. Our services include clearing trail paths in your woods, alongside roads, bush hogging fields and unwanted vegetation along fence lines. Whatever your vegetation management needs may be, we can help!


We have helped many customers with brush clearing of undergrowth in their woods or forests. We can manage all types of vegetation such as honeysuckle, saplings, brambles or vines. Many times our customers needs require it to be done by hand due to space restrictions. But, this can be tedious and expensive. Our brush cutting machine is compact enough to get into backyards, through side yards and maneuvering through out the existing trees. We can provide a free estimate for your vegetation control! We offer discounted pricing from November thru February. Call, text or email for more details! Contact Us

Schott Services focuses on mini forestry mulching services. Our mini forestry mulcher is great for smaller sized jobs where a larger machine does not make sense. Or, when a larger machine can not access your backyard or garden. Our machine may be small, but it's still mighty! We have many customers call needing a smaller area the big guys don't want to tackle. If not impressed by our pictures, please watch out You Tube videos to see our true capabilities. We know our limits and can usually determine thru text or phone call whether we can help or not. We know when we can be of value and be most helpful for the customer!

Benefits Of Vegetation Control

Vegetation control is an essential aspect of land management that involves the removal or reduction of unwanted plant species. This process is crucial for maintaining the health and productivity of natural ecosystems, as well as for promoting the growth of desirable plant species. One of the primary benefits of vegetation control is its ability to improve soil health. When invasive plant species like honeysuckle are allowed to grow unchecked, they can quickly deplete soil nutrients and alter soil chemistry, making it difficult for native plant species to thrive. By removing these invasive species, vegetation control helps to restore soil health and promote the growth of desirable plant species. 


Another important benefit of vegetation control is its impact on water quality. Invasive plant species can have a significant impact on water quality by altering the chemical composition of the water and reducing the amount of oxygen available to aquatic organisms. By removing these invasive species, vegetation control helps to improve water quality and promote the growth of healthy aquatic ecosystems. Vegetation control also plays a critical role in wildlife habitat management. Invasive plant species can have a negative impact on wildlife habitat by altering the composition of plant communities and reducing the availability of food and shelter for wildlife. By removing these invasive species and promoting the growth of desirable plant species, vegetation control helps to create healthy and diverse wildlife habitats.

Unwanted vegetation to be cleared along a property line in Indianapolis, IN.
Unwanted vegetation cleared in Indianapolis area.
"John is a contractor who delivers what he promises. In just one day, he cleared all brush and invasive growth that populated the utilities right away in our backyard. The unwanted vegetation he removed filled his truck. He also graded, leveled and planted grass seed in the cleared area and spread hay to finish the job. He did an excellent job. He is a perfectionist and made sure he left our property as he found it when he arrived. I would not hesitate to recommend Schott Services and will use John again."
Lynda Neal- 5 Star Google Review!
"We contacted John about underbrush removal and sowing grass seed. He was very responsive and came to give us a quote within a few days. He was very professional and kept us apprised of when he could get us on his schedule. He finished in 3 days, what would have taken me years to accomplish. We are extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend him."
Mark Siefert- 5 Star Google Review!
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