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Basketball Goal Removal Indianapolis

A basketball goal about to be removed by Schott Services.
John Schott removing a basketball goal in Indianapolis.
John Schott hanging on a basketball goal after cutting it down.
After basketball goal is removed by Schott Services

Wait! There is a company that specializes in removing basketball goals??? Indiana is known for basketball around the world! That means there are many basketball goals installed across the Hoosier state and Indianapolis. Your kids are grown and have had many years of fun on your basketball goal. It has started to show wear or just a rusty pole sitting off to the side of your driveway. You probably have backed into it with your car or worse, your friends when they come over for a visit. Or, it's hanging on by a thread and could fall down in a strong wind at any time...


Obviously, you do not want any of this to happen! It's a great day today because we would like to remove it for you. We have been removing basketball goals in Indianapolis and surrounding cities since 2003! It's not your typical hauling or junk removal service, but we do take 100's of them down each year! 


We have the proper equipment to remove your old basketball goal safely and at a fair price! Also, it's good to know that we can recycle all of  the steel from your basketball goal removal. We are able to haul away all material and can even offer pricing on removing the concrete footer in the ground as well. Most customers are satisfied with lower cost of just removing the goal and post at ground level. But, we are glad to offer full removal of goal and concrete footer!


Call or Text John Schott today at 317-784-8760 for a free over the phone estimate. Or, With pictures sent through text or email, John can give you an estimate in a few minutes!

John Schott removing a basketball goal with a mini skid steer.
Schott Services log with John Schott removing a basketball goal.
John Schott removing the concrete base of a basketball goal in Indianapolis, IN.
"We needed a basketball goal removed. John Schott gave us a quote over the phone and told us approximately when to expect him. He then called when he was about 45 minutes out! Did an excellent job. Leveled off the area. He also hauled off some other junk items we needed to get rid of! Would definitely recommend John for any odd jobs!"
Ellen Thompson- 5 Star Google Review!
"John did a great job removing a basketball goal from my parents house. Had all the right equipment and very pleased with the work. Will use his services again."
John Andre- 5 Star Google Review!
"John did a great job removing an unsightly old basketball goal as well as hauling away oversized items. It would have taken us all weekend (and cost more money) to do what he did in less than an hour. Super nice to work with and a very useful service. We will definitely call him for any future needs."
Audrey Causa- 5 Star Google Review!
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