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"Is Yard Grading and Topsoil the Key to a Lush and Healthy Lawn? Find Out with Schott Services' Video Tutorial!"

Updated: Mar 2

Today we’re yard grading an entire property. The customer wanted us to correct his lawn, which dips in height around the front and backyard. How are we going to do this? Of course, we’re going to spread dirt! We’ll be effectively redoing the whole backyard, as well as some of the front. It’s pretty bad there: the ground dips down and piles up in a very unsightly way, and grass is struggling to grow there. So we’re going to spread new topsoil over the whole zone, level it, and plant new grass over the top. Get in touch at 317-784-8760 or for your very own backyard conversion!

Once the first mound of topsoil is delivered, we get to work on the back. We’ll be working back to front, so that we can get more topsoil delivered through the front without wrecking our work. We’ll be needing a lot of topsoil for this job!

As I said, we start on the back. Specifically, we deposit dirt around the newly-installed backyard sidewalk, which runs from the back of the house all the way to the back of the property, where there are some more buildings. Once the dirt is down, we compact and spread it by hand to ensure that it’s flush with the sidewalk. This will make everything safer, since there isn’t a step to worry about when getting on or off the sidewalk. After we’ve spread the dirt, we put down the grass seed using a very quick method: we put the seed down on the sidewalk and use a leaf blower to scatter it all over the yard. It’s a quick and efficient method that doesn’t take much time or effort. Once the grass has been planted, we cover it up with straw to support the grass’s growth.

Next we tackle the rest of the backyard that needs dirt. This is pretty simple. As with the dirt around the sidewalk, we deposit it around the backyard with our bucket attached to our trusty Vermeer 925 mini skid steer, and then level it. Before we plant the grass seeds here, we rake the whole area to agitate the dirt, which will assist the grass in growing. This part of the video is very satisfying, so skip to 5:30 to see this part.

Once we’re done raking the dirt, we start planting the grass seed with our wheelbarrow. By passing back and forth over the dirt we get an even coating of grass seeds, and then we cover the seeds and dirt with straw again.

Finally we attack the last part of this job, which is the small space between the lots that leads to the front yard, which as mentioned earlier looks pretty bad in this state. But that’s no problem for us! Our mini skid steer really shines here, as it easily fits between the two garages on either side of the property, depositing and then flattening the dirt. Then we rake the ground for consistency, and then sow the seed and cover it with straw, concluding this job. Remember to contact us with questions or requests at 317-784-8760 or


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