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Video: "Expert Tips for Effective Gravel Driveway Repair by Schott Services"

Updated: Mar 2

Today we’re putting in a new parking spot in an old driveway. And, our gravel driveway repair system is unmatched to the competition. We’ll make the driveway wider to accomplish this. In the video we’ve marked how much more width we’re adding to the driveway with a shovel. We dig a line into the dirt with the shovel so that we don’t go overboard on the driveway. Of course, we’re not just adding to the drive. Naturally we’re also redoing the whole driveway to make it new and fresh again. Remember, don’t hesitate to call, text, or email us at 317-784-8760 and for all your landscaping needs.

We start out this driveway makeover by putting down a guideline. As mentioned earlier, we do this with a shovel. We etch a line into the ground by repeatedly scoring the earth with the shovel. With the guideline in place, we can start excavating.

We need to remove the dirt that is to the right of our guideline, because this is where we’ll put in the new wide driveway. You might ask, why not just put the crushed stone on top of the dirt? Well, we don’t do that for two reasons. First, it would not be flush with the rest of the ground of the front yard. Instead, the driveway would loom above the surrounding dirt, which doesn’t look good at all. Second, it would cause the grass underneath to grow through the crushed stone. This would make the driveway end up looking the same as it does now, overgrown and riddled with plants. We can’t let either of those two happen, so that’s why we excavate the dirt.

With a bucket attachment firmly screwed onto our mini skid steer, we plow through the front yard dirt and grass and move it out of the way. It crumbles before our large size bucket and before we know it, the whole zone is cleared of grass. Great! So now we can move on to pouring gravel, right? Well, no. There’s still some cleanup we need to do on where the driveway will be. There is lots of debris that it would be unprofessional to leave when we pour the gravel, so we need to remove it all first.

First of all, there are some sticks on the ground. They must have been hidden under the grass. Well, now they’re in our truck, since we’ve just scooped them up. Now we move our focus to some stray clumps of grass that were forgotten previously. It’s just a matter of collecting these into a pile, scooping them up, and depositing them into our truck.

We flatten the ground with our leveler attachment, and pour the gravel. Now we flatten the gravel as well, making it smooth and level with the lawn around it. And that’s the finished product. The customer has an extra parking spot in the front now and can get two cars in and out without having to back out one by itself first. If your want a driveway makeover just as good as this one, reach us by phone at 317-784-8760, or by email at

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