What time of year is it?! Time to get going in those outdoor spring projects. Indianapolis has had a rough winter with all of the snow and you may be experiencing issues with your driveway. Do you have potholes? Cracks everywhere? Is your asphalt driveway wavy and uneven? I can help!

In this video, the customer had an old asphalt driveway that needed demolished and carted away. Watch the video to the process of removal of asphalt, grading/leveling of base coat and adding top layer of crushed limestone. With this completed gravel driveway the customers home was ready to be put on the market! Let us help rejuvenate any old gravel driveway or even removal of your asphalt driveway. We provide concrete removal as well! It's an improvement that helps sell a house or just makes life easier driving to your house. Life without potholes or an uneven driveway is a good life!

Schott Services has been helping Indianapolis customers with their gravel driveways since 2003 and a few years before. With plenty of experience and knowledge in the landscape business your gravel driveway will be well taken care of! Call or text for a free estimate at 317-784-8760 or email at HappyDumpTruck@gmail.com

Thanks for watching and check out all of our other Services we provide on our website www.schottservices.com or our videos on YouTube at https://youtube.com/c/SchottServicesLLCIndianapolis

Thank you!

  • John Schott

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Brush piles can be a pain in your neck, literally-physically-emotionally! And, maybe a few more...

In business since 2003, plus a few years before that I have removed my fair share of brush piles and moved the piles by hand. They can sometimes take away your spirit! Your drive to push forward is slowed by getting scraped, whipped in the face, there is a thorn bush without you knowing and so on! But, these problems go away once you started loading with a mini brush grapple. The removal process seems to be enjoyable and less stressful!

The moral of the story is don't try this at home! Send me a message, a picture of your brush pile and it will be gone. Do you have large brush piles of sticks/twigs in your woods? Many times these piles can be mulched with my brush cutter to avoid hauling them out. The brush cutter chews the brush pile into small pieces which speeds up the decomposing process and mother nature will do the rest! This avoids making many trips thru your property with a truck or machine to haul away. Whatever path you choose to have a brush free life it only takes one call/text. 317-784-8760 or HappyDumpTruck@gmail.com

Have a great day! Brush free is the way

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  • John Schott

Yes, I remove concrete! You may wonder how does one get into the concrete removal business??? I have been in business since 2003. I started a few years before that working for another local business and realized that I enjoyed this work! I really enjoy working outdoors, making my own schedule and tearing stuff up!

When I first started Schott Services I was cutting grass and installing landscaping. But, I noticed removal of the landscaping was my forte. Customers would ask if I could remove a sidewalk or concrete patio, with a smile on my face I obliged! I purchased a breaker hammer attachment and away I went! If you have concrete you need removed please call, text or email me. I will demolish your concrete, load it up and haul it away.

Estimates are free, the show is free but I've got a family to feed! So, I'll help you out and you will help my family! It's a win/win!