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Rusty Basketball Hoop Removed by Schott Services

We have a rusty old basketball hoop to remove today. The customer wanted it removed because all of the joints have gotten rusted, making the hoop hard to adjust. So we’re going to take the hoop out. This is just one of our many landscaping and removal services, so if you’re interested in having some work done, get in touch with us using 317-784-8760 or

This is a standing, adjustable metal hoop, so we’re going to cut it apart to haul it. The full structure is too bulky for our Vermeer mini skid steer to fit in its grapple attachment, so we’ll be cutting it up into more manageable pieces. We’ll be using a circular saw for this, since it’s the most convenient tool for cutting when precision isn’t necessary.

First we cut the metal pole that controls the height of the backboard. Without the support of the pole, the backboard slumps down. Now we can reach up and use the circular saw to cut the top supports of the backboard. With those cut, the backboard rotates 90 degrees to face downwards. From there we approach the lowered backboard with our grapple and grab on. But instead of trying to pull the backboard off, (which would be difficult to pull off since it’s still screwed onto the main structure of the hoop) we disengage our mini skid steer while it’s holding the backboard in the grapple. This way, we can safely cut off the backboard’s last supports without it suddenly falling to the ground.

Once those last supports are taken care of, it’s just a matter of hauling the backboard to our truck, which we do. Now all that’s left to do is remove the main pole of the structure. It’s still too bulky to fit in one piece, so we cut it in half at the midpoint and remove the top part. Then we remove the foundational half of the hoop’s structure, and we haul it all away. That’s it for this job! Call, text, or email us for a free estimate on price at 317-784-8760 and

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