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Wicked Root Grapple Strength! Demo of Its Power

Today we’re showing off our reliable grapple. It’s called the Wicked Root Grapple and is made by EverythingAttachments. It’s a great grapple for mini skid steers like ours. Unlike grapples for full-size skid steers, this one’s weight is reduced to be more manageable on smaller machines. They do that by hole punching the fingers of the grapple. Despite the reduced mass, the grapple holds up well! It’s one of our essential attachments: we don’t leave without it! We’ve been using it for many years with minimal repair needed. The only way we’ve modified the grapple over the years is by spot welding some metal onto the supports to make them stronger, since the main horizontal support beam was flexing under the weight of the grapple when we were picking stuff up with it.

The grapple was designed for small tractors but with our minimal reinforcements, this grapple can do everything! Now we show off its power with a demonstration. We pull out some old metal fence posts with the grapple. They come out as easily as weeds on the driveway! If you’ve got trash or an old barn or other junk you need hauled, our capable Wicked Root Grapple can help! Get in touch at 317-784-8760 or for a quote right away!

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