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Video: Power Raking(Harley Rake) Helps Improve and Rejuvenate Your Gravel Driveway

Updated: Mar 8

In this video, you can see how your gravel driveway can benefit from running a power rake across it. Power raking, also called a Harley Rake, can turn over compacted gravel or crushed limestone driveways. The power rake loosens the stone to be able to move it around to fill in potholes and uneven areas of your driveway. This is great way to rejuvenate your gravel driveway without putting a lot of money into it. We can provide the spreading of new stone over your driveway. But, many times your gravel driveway just needs to be power raked and leveled. This process is a fairly quick answer to getting your driveway leveled and smoothed out. If potholes are driving you crazy then power raking your gravel driveway will help. If you have sections of your gravel driveway that have ruts or build up in any bends in your driveway then power raking is will definitely help!

Unfortunately, Indianapolis' fluctuating temps thru the winter can be rough on your gravel driveway. Potholes are inevitable, but Schott Services has a solution. If trying to save costs on getting your gravel driveway back in shape and don't want to invest money in new stone give us a call. Whether your gravel driveway is 10 feet long, 100 feet long or 1,000 feet long it will be completed with the utmost professionalism! On each and every job, you will deal directly with the owner, John Schott. With 20 years experience and 648(and counting!) 5 star Google reviews Schott Services will get the job completed to your satisfaction!

Call or text or email 317-784-8760

Thanks for watching!

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