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"How to Successfully A Complete Gravel Driveway Repair in Indianapolis: A Video Guide"

We are helping a customer with a gravel driveway repair in Indianapolis today. Although the drive itself is in alright condition, the customer needs more parking space, so we’ll be redoing the whole thing, and widening the driveway to the right, where it’ll go past the garage up to the fence at the back of the building. We’ll need to pluck out the singular bush that’s in the way, preventing us from laying gravel there. Aside from these particulars, the job itself is pretty standard. If you need some crushed stone spread on your property, get in touch with us at 317-784-8760 or email us pictures at for a free estimate on price.

First we clear the area. The driveway and its immediate surroundings have some sticks and bricks that we need to remove in order to put down gravel. In order to have the gravel come out nice and smooth, any obstacle in our path has to be be removed. Otherwise we’d have a hard time laying down gravel well. So our first action is collecting sticks and putting them in our truck for hauling. This is no problem for our Vermeer 925 and its efficient root grapple, which lets us remove unwanted sticks quickly. It’s going great, though some of the sticks are too small, and slip out from between the claws of the root grapple as we pick them up. But that’s ok. We’ll tackle those sticks next. Once we’ve picked up all the sticks that we can in our root grapple, we plop them down into our truck for hauling. After that, we quick-switch to our great bucket attachment. We fill the bucket up by hand with all the sticks that slipped through the root grapple, and deposit them in our truck as well. We also remove all the assorted rocks, branches, and other objects that are in the way of where we’ll be adding new gravel.

Next, we thoroughly power-rake the ground. We do this to smooth out the ground, so when we spread the stone it will be level and flat. Remember, we’re not just adding new stone on top of the old driveway, we’re also extending it to the right for more parking space. So we use the power rake to spread the old crushed stone out over the whole prospective driveway area. This will ensure an even coat of stone across the whole driveway.

Next we use our traditional leveling attachment to further equalize the height of the driveway. We interject this process with some topsoil laying off to the right of the house. Then we add a tarp on top of the topsoil to prevent any weeds from growing into the gravel, which we lay on top next. Finally, we use a hand rake to spread the stone, maintaining an even coating at every corner; this concludes the work we do on the driveway extension to the right of the house.

With the extension done, we turn back to the main zone, where we have finished leveling the ground and are ready to spread the new crushed stone. With some help once again from our bucket attachment, leveler, and hand rake, we lay out, smooth, and rake the new driveway to perfection. And that’s it for this job. 317-784-8760 and

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