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Video! Gravel Driveway Repair

Even though it's cold and the ground is frozen, estimates are always free at Schott Services! John Schott of Schott Services can come out any time of the season to look at your driveway and decide what is the best course of action to repair your gravel driveway. More often than not, customers call Schott Services for gravel driveway because their driveway has not been touched for many years. It's grassy, has lots of potholes and your family won't come over because it gets their car dirty while driving on your driveway...Yes! I have had customers tell me that is their reason for wanting to have their driveway resurfaced!

Whatever the reason, call or text today to have your driveway power raked, leveled and new stone installed. And finished by hand raking it smooth! Your neighbors will be impressed and your family will come for a visit!

Thanks for watching!

John Schott


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