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Gravel Parking Addition/Crushed Limestone Driveway Exstension

Have you ever wanted more parking space? Maybe the number of drivers in your family is increasing, and you need more space. Or maybe you have a rental property in need of more parking for your tenants. Whatever your reasons are for needing more driveway space, Schott Services has you covered! We provide landscaping services like driveway extensions quickly and professionally, and we offer free estimates on price. Call/text now at 317-784-8760 or email at for a prompt response.

The procedure of this job is straightforward. We start out by clearing a space for the gravel. Our high-capacity shovel has no problem digging out a wide, shallow bed that we’ll lay our gravel on. While we’re digging we collect all the dirt that’s been dug out and sort it into a pile. Then we take the pile and deposit it out of sight in the back of the yard. We can haul away the dirt as well!

We need to clear out a second space for even more parking. We do the same stuff as last time with the addition of grinding out a stump in our path. Our powerful grinder takes this stump out in no time.

Once our gravel bed is prepped for putting down stone, we call in our gravel truck and start pouring. We pour out the first layer of #2 crushed stone to act as a firm foundation. The #2 stones support the two upper layers that we’ll pour on top of them. The middle layer is #53 stone, crushed light gray limestone. This builds up the driveway, giving it some much-needed volume. After the #53 comes the top layer, sturdy #8 stone. With all the stones in place, our work is done. Now this house has parking for everyone!

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