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Video: Old Asphalt Driveway Removal Transformed into New, Fresh Crushed Stone Driveway

Updated: Mar 8

What time of year is it?! Time to get going in those outdoor spring projects. Indianapolis has had a rough winter with all of the snow and you may be experiencing issues with your driveway. Do you have potholes? Cracks everywhere? Is your asphalt driveway wavy and uneven? I can help!

In this video, the customer had an old asphalt driveway that needed demolished and carted away. Watch the video to the process of removal of asphalt, grading/leveling of base coat and adding top layer of crushed limestone. With this completed gravel driveway the customers home was ready to be put on the market! Let us help rejuvenate any old gravel driveway or even removal of your asphalt driveway. We provide concrete removal as well! It's an improvement that helps sell a house or just makes life easier driving to your house. Life without potholes or an uneven driveway is a good life!

Schott Services has been helping Indianapolis customers with their gravel driveways since 2003 and a few years before. With plenty of experience and knowledge in the landscape business your gravel driveway will be well taken care of! Call or text for a free estimate at 317-784-8760 or email at

Thanks for watching and check out all of our other Services we provide on our website or our videos on YouTube at

Thank you!

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