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Brush Cutting Along Creek Bank-Better View of Nature!

Updated: Feb 6

It’s impossible, isn’t it? There is a river running in the frame, but it's been totally hidden by dead wood and foliage. Our customer wants to be able to see the river from his property, so our job is to do some brush cutting to increase the visibility of the river. We provide brush clearing, forestry mulching, and vegetation control for the greater Indianapolis area. Call or text today at 317-784-8760.

In a situation like this with lots of foliage to be cut and not much space, the best option for a quick and easy removal is a mechanical brush cutter. We use a blue diamond device which we attach to our Vermeer 925 Mini Skid Steer. The ‘mini’ aspect of our machine is helpful here, because it means that our machine is small enough to squeeze between tight branches on this property. The Vermeer is also lighter than a full-size skid steer thanks to its compact size, which helps it stay on the ground and not fall into the river!

After we’ve cleared out all we can with the 925 and the brush cutter, it’s time to go in with a chainsaw. Where the brush cutter fails, the chainsaw succeeds. Being a handheld tool, the saw is more maneuverable than the mini skid steer so we’re able to take care of all the branches that are down at the bank of the river and out of the mechanical brush cutter’s reach.

All the brush we cut effectively turns into mulch, so it’s good to leave it on the ground. What the mulch will do is break down and be absorbed into the soil, enriching it and encouraging the growth of new grass. To make sure that everywhere on the ground gets an even coat of mulch, we switch out the brush cutter on our Vermeer 925 for a leveling device. This flattens and spreads out the mulch for maximized mulch absorption efficiency. Now the river is perfectly visible from the backyard just like the customer wanted. Want your backyard saved like the one in this video? Call, text, or send pictures via email at 317-784-8760 for a free estimate today.

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