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Bustling Brush Cutting With Mini Skid Steer

At Schott Services, we take on a variety of landscaping jobs, including brush clearing. Our project today involves clearing sokme brush from an empty lot for a customer who needed it surveyed. The customer wants to sell the lots in parcels, but the undergrowth and honeysuckle needs to be cleared to survey the land. It’s going to be a challenging job, but we’re up for the task.

On day 1, we arrive on site with our brush cutter and get to work. The lot is approximately 250 by 307 feet, and it is quite thick with honeysuckle. The first part of the video shows the progress we make on day 1. We’re able to clear an area of approximately 160 feet, but while we cut the brush, we encounter a lot of trash and debris on the lot, including dead trees, falling trees, and concrete blocks. The cottonwood seeds also keep clogging up the radiator and causing overheating, so we have to use the blower to clear the radiator every 20 minutes. Despite these challenges, we keep pushing forward. The customer only wants the lot knocked down, not cleaned up, so we focus on knocking down as much brush as possible.

On day 2, we return to the lot and continue our work. More dead trees, wires, and tires on the lot get in our way, and the brush cutter has to cut wire out of the debris several times. Despite these challenges, we’re making progress. Over time, we get through all the brush.

Eventually we finish clearing all the brush. As you can see in the video, the end result doesn’t look good because we don’t clean up, but the customer only wanted us to clear the land for surveying, so it’s okay. If you need some overgrown brush to be gotten under control, get in touch with us at 317-784-8760 or and don’t worry, we’ll definitely clean up once we’re done!

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