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"How to Transform Neglected Property with Brush Removal: A Step-by-Step Video Guide"

Updated: Mar 2

There’s a lot of brush on this property. The whole front and backyard is covered with overgrown brush, honeysuckle, vines and tree limbs. It’s so thick you can’t see even the house from the sidewalk! We’re going to remove it, and then clear the excess dirt off of the sidewalk and driveway. If you need some brush cutting done, call today at 317-784-8760 or email at

We start out by mowing down as much brush as we can with our power rake. Since it’s February, we don’t have any leaves to worry about, and the brush goes down easily! Once we’ve gotten all that down, we use our chainsaw to bring down the tall and thin trees that the customer asked us to remove. Once they’ve all fallen, they get ground up by the power rake just like brush, leaving us with a lot of mulch on the ground.

We remove the mulch with our grapple. After that we start grinding out the stumps from the brush. We use a stump grinder attachment for this, since the brush stumps aren’t very large. If we had to remove larger stumps, the stump bucket would be the way to go. But for these small stumps, the grinder is definitely the tool for the job! Once the stumps are all grinded out, we move on to leveling the ground. When the ground is smoothed out, there’s no sign that there was ever any brush here!

To finish off this job, we clear the excess dirt that has settled on the driveway, sidewalk, and curb. Over time dirt has moved onto these spaces, and so we need to get rid of it. We do this by shoveling the dirt off of their edges with our bucket attachment. Even this small change makes the property look a lot better, and combined with the brush removal, it’s totally transformed!

The last thing we do is remove an old piano. The customer wanted us to get rid of it, so we took it off of their hands! That’s it for this job. Another happy customer! Remember to contact us with 317-784-8760 or or learn more at


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