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Video: "Watch the Incredible Before and After Transformation: Removing Overgrown Brush from a Property!"

We got a call from a customer who has just recently bought this property. It’s a few houses down from where the customer lives, and has been vacant for a while. Without anyone living here to keep the vegetation under control, nature has completely taken over the backyard! There are weeds and tall grass growing several feet up, bushes that have gotten overgrown and are taking up huge parts of the yard, ivy vines that have covered the ground like a blanket, and lots of junk all over the place. We’ll be pulling weeds, cutting brush, clearing ivy, and removing all the trash to restore this backyard for our customer. Schott Services provides several landscaping and demolition services, especially brush clearing and similar jobs like in this video. If you’re searching for landscaping, look no further! We have 20+ years of experience in the landscaping field and a five star rating on google from over 700 reviewers. Contact Schott Services with or 317-784-8760, and we’ll give you a quick and free price estimate. Save your backyard today!

The first thing we’re tackling is the tall weeds and grass, as well as some junk in the area. You see, this backyard is a complex shape. The garage isn’t connected to the house, but instead is deeper in the property. The area between the house and the garage is where we’re working right now. Later on we’ll move farther back to the garage and take care of the vegetation and junk there, but for now we’re working directly between the house and the garage. We need to get rid of all the tall grass and weeds here, as well as some old wireframe and wooden fencing. We clear it all out with our grapple attachment, which can quickly grab and pull out the weeds and grass. After it’s all pulled out and deposited in our truck for hauling, we grab the fencing. Once we’ve gotten the fencing out, we switch attachments and start leveling the area with our leveler. Actually, there’s still some trash around the edges of the area, so we simply pull that into piles with our leveler and then put the piles into our truck. After that we can really start leveling, and before long this area is as good as new, ready for new grass!

We move on to the next area, which is next to the garage. There are lots of overgrown tree branches here, and we saw them off with a chainsaw. Then we use our grapple to get them in our truck for hauling, nice and easy! We continue to do foliage removal all over the property, and it looks better by the minute!

Something that we found on this property, and find a lot when we’re doing cleanups for yards that are totally overgrown, is pavers buried underneath the ground. These are concrete blocks hidden underneath the dirt from earlier owners. Over time they get covered in leaves and dirt, so eventually people forget about them. We’re always upfront that if we find these in your yard, it’ll increase the price to haul them. This is because these concrete blocks are very heavy, so when you have a whole truckload filled with the blocks it takes a lot of gas to haul them away. So as a disclaimer, the total of the job may increase if we find these heavy concrete blocks on the property.

With that out of the way, let’s keep going on with this job. We remove lots of stuff to clean the yard, including more weeds, rotten wood, stumps, etc. While we’re removing the stumps, our stumps bucket’s connection to our mini skid steer actually snaps because of the high torque being applied to it! But that’s no problem. A quick weld job and the bucket will be good as new! We can do that when we’re done with this job. In the meantime, we still need to remove these stumps, so we use our grapple to dig them out. It’s not ideal, but this just proves how versatile the grapple really is!

Finally we show how the yard looks after we’re finished. If you watch the video you’ll see how different it looks. It was a jungle before, but not anymore. The final step is to put down new grass seed and straw, which our customer does on his own. Once the grass grows in, there will be no sign that this yard ever looked like a jungle. Get in touch at 317-784-8760 or to save your backyard today!


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