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Undergrowth Brush Clearing Wooded Lot by Schott Services

This video/job was done in early spring before everything turned green. More often than not a customer will call in the spring wanting to get the undergrowth brush cut back on their property. They are concerned about getting it done before everything leafs out in the summer. Our brush cutting equipment doesn't mind if it's green or brown! It mulches it just the same. Summer tends to be an ideal time to do brush clearing because the ground has dried out. It's much easier to run mini skid steer brush cutter when the ground is solid.

Our brush mowing machinery will mulch the toughest honeysuckle, vines and unwanted vegetation. Once the under brush is cut down it can scraped up into piles to be hauled away. Or, as in this video, we left the mulch to enhance the soil and help with soil conservation. Once the brush is mulched it will break down, decompose and provide nutrients for the soil! Unless you are wanting to grow grass, this is the most economical brush clearing option we offer. But, we do have the capability to scrape the cleared brush areas to bare ground and prep for seed.

Vegetation control is important on any property. If left untamed brush, trees, vines and brambles will take over an empty lot in short time. It's important to maintain open areas to control the spread of invasive species such as honeysuckle and mulberry. These two types of plants are very prevalent in the mid west. If left uncontrolled, your land will become a jungle!

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Thank you!

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