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Is that a yard or Amazon Rainforest?! Brush Mowing to the rescue!

This client has left his yard alone for a long time. This has caused weeds and ivy to spring up. The vegetation has climbed its way up to almost shoulder height! The only place the ivy has not won over is the birdseed post. Other than the post, the whole yard is covered in plants. One of the main plants that has taken over is Boston Ivy, which is known for its spade-shaped leaves. This ivy has covered so much of the yard that it almost looks like the Amazon rainforest! And just like the Amazon rainforest, this yard harbors annoying pests. The overgrown foliage attracts rodents like raccoons and skunks. But can we solve this problem by clearing up this backyard? Of course we can! Do you have an overgrown backyard like our client today? We’ll fix up your backyard too. Just give us a call at 317-784-8760 or email us at for a free estimate on price.

We need two tools in order to clear up this land. A mini skid steer and a brush cutter. The mini skid steer we use is a Vermeer S925TX. This tough machine has 925 in its name because of its incredible carrying capacity of 925 pounds. The 925 has deep versatility as well, thanks to the wide array of attachments compatible with the machine. The attachment we use to do this job is the Blue Diamond Brush Cutter, which you can see in action and in slow motion here! (

The Vermeer shreds through all the weeds and ivy using the brush cutter attachment. The attachment has three blades arranged in a triangular configuration, and it spins them around like a super powerful lawn mower. We move back and forth through the yard, attacking the vines and chewing them up. Watching the mini skid steer glide effortlessly through the overgrown backyard like clippers running through hair is incredibly satisfying.

After lots of work, the backyard has been cleared out. All the vines and ivy have been ground up by the Blue Diamond. If you have an overgrown yard like the one in this video, don’t wait to contact us at 317-784-8760 or email us at and we’ll give you a free price estimate.

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