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Mini-Skid Steer Madness-Steep Hillside Brush Cutting/Forestry Mulching

Our customer's driveway goes up a hill. There’s lots of forestry next to the driveway, which the customer wants us to clear. Sounds pretty simple, right? We’ve done lots of jobs like this before. There is just one difference between this and other brush clearing work that we’ve done. All the foliage here is on a hill! If you’ve ever driven a car up a hill, you’ll know that turning can be finicky because of the grade of the surface. Since we’re going to be clearing this brush with a mini skid steer, we’ll have to be careful not to slide down.

The tools we need to do this brush cutting are our Vermeer 925 mini skid steer and a brush cutter attachment. This attachment has three sharp edges arranged in a triangle and it spins them around like a lawn mower to clear out foliage. We get started shredding the small trees and bushes that make up the brush. Things are going well. We keep the mini skid steer from sliding too far and clear out a significant portion of the brush. There is some first-person footage in the video, so if you are interested in seeing up close what operating a mini skid steer really looks like, head to 8:13 in the video.

We’re clearing out the vegetation at a good pace when suddenly the right tire tread of our Vermeer pops off! To put it back on takes some work, but we get it done. Back to brush cutting.

We finish clearing out the whole hill without any more issues. Now we need to haul away all the mulch that has been made by shredding up all the foliage. We use a grapple attachment to load all the mulch onto our truck to be recycled, and we’re done! The hill next to the driveway is completely cleared of all vegetation. Now it’s possible to see the house from the bottom of the driveway and the street from the top of the driveway. Brush cutting is one of our specialties at Schott Services. If you need to get some overgrown vegetation under control, don’t wait! Get in touch with us at 317-784-8760 or email us pictures at for a free estimate on price.

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