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What is brush mulching, forestry mulching, brush cutting and lot clearing?

Updated: Mar 7

In this video, you will see the capabilities of our brush clearing equipment. If you have ever wondered how someone clears unwanted honeysuckle, thick vegetation or undergrowth in their woods then continue watching! With our equipment we are able to turn a once very tedious and laborious task into a simple process of elimination.

Our equipment will literally mow down large unruly honeysuckle shrubs in a few seconds to minutes depending on the size of the plant. It can mulch small to medium trees in very little time to increase your woods space or to make new trails throughout your woods. Our Vermeer 925 with brush cutting attachment is a smaller sized machine perfect for getting into tight spaces to open up the lower level of your woods or forest. Many of our customers including the one in this video are looking to increase yard space without losing the mature, taller trees. As with this job, this customer had purchased this property within last couple of years and had cleared many areas already by hand. Once they had seen the power and speed of our forestry mulching machine they were sold!

Let us help opening up your woods, clear out brush and maintain your beautiful property. Brush removal does not need to be an arduous task or leave you with a sore back at the end of the day. Our process for brush removal is eco-friendly due to the fact that we leave all of the debris on the forest floor. This creates a healthy, nutrient rich mulch for your larger more valuable trees.

Schott Services was established by John Schott in 2003. With more than 20 years of landscape, tree, hauling and horticulture experience. John Schott, owner/founder, will treat your property with the same respect as every other customer in the past. Our Google and Angie's List reviews are proven, unbiased feedback of how we treat our customers. Your satisfaction is our goal on each and every job!

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