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Blue Diamond Brush Cutter-Invasive species be scared: Honeysuckle, mulberry, vines, brambles!

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Invasive plant species in Indiana are rampant and not holding back! They are taking over empty lots, fields and unused sections of land. There has to be a solution?! If you have found this website then you must want your yard back... Schott Services can help in the removal of all invasive species in your yard. We specialize in clearing land for Indianapolis residents and businesses.

We help our customers clear unused sections of their backyard to open up woods, create trails or just tame an overgrown section of your yard. We can clear brush along your creek bank and along a road to have better visibility. Many of our customers need their fence rows cleared of honeysuckle and mulberry to manage their property line. We even have the capability to remove the entire fence, brush and vegetation.

In this video, our customer needed help in opening up their backyard. We used our heavy duty brush cutter to mow the unwanted vegetation. Our equipment is unique because we are capable of getting in to tight areas to clear the entire space. It's a powerful machine in a very compact footprint. Many times our jobs require going in between houses and narrow gates. Our Vermeer 925 has all the power and versatility to get the job done. It can clear brush and vegetation in short time. We have the chainsaws to remove larger logs that have fallen in your woods or forest. The Vermeer 925 will lift a 10 foot, 2.5 foot diameter log with ease. This means quick removal of logs and larger trees that may be in the way of clearing the brush.

This video is an example of only brush cutting. The customer wanted an affordable option get their backyard under control. We are able to mulch all of the plant material into a large shredded mulch for easy clean up or to provide a natural way to rejuvenate the soil. The mulched material will break down and turn back into soil for a healthier backyard! We do offer complete cleanup of the cleared area if wanting to grow grass. This process requires hauling away any mulched vegetation to be recycled. To avoid honeysuckle growing back it needs to be completely eradicated. We remove the stump with our stump grinder or dig the stump out with our stump bucket! Many customers complain that they just can't win against honeysuckle. It's possible, but sometimes needs a pro to get the job done! Schott Services can help and is ready to Rock and Roll!

Check out the DNR's list of invasive species at the link below:

Thank you! John Schott-Owner of Schott Services

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