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Storm Cleanup-Massive Oak Tree Branch Removal In Indianapolis

This massive tree needs to be cut into chunks to be removed. Otherwise there would be no way to get rid of it. Oak trees can weigh up to 1000 pounds! We use one of our trusty chainsaws to chop up the tree. First, we slice off the branches at the top in order to make the tree easier to remove. Then we start dividing up the tree trunk itself with the chainsaw. This is no easy feat, due to the tree’s sheer thickness, but we get it done. While cutting the trunk into segments, we drive our mini skid steer around, grabbing the branches we just cut off with a grapple attachment and hauling them away. After all the foliage has been hauled it’s time to do the tree trunk removal. We are able to grab on to some smaller parts of the tree trunk and haul them away easily, but it proves difficult to move the main logs. They are too thick to be picked up by our grappling attachment. So instead, we use the mini skid steer to roll the logs away. This solution makes it possible to complete the tree removal because the logs are cylindrical. Good thing trees aren’t shaped like squares!

We roll the logs out of sight, and that’s the end of the tree removal. If you have a tree that’s fallen in your backyard, don’t hesitate to call or text us at 317-784-8760 or email us at for a price estimate.

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