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Shocking Shrub Removal-Landscape Removal Services in Indianapolis

Today we’re going to do some yard maintenance. Specifically, we are removing some shrubs from our customer’s yard.

First order of business: take out the shrub. The customer doesn’t need them anymore, so we’re here to do the shrub removal. We’ll use our mini skid steer, the Vermeer 925, to pull these shrubs out. The attachment we use is the grapple. This tool is a very useful addition to any set of landscaping tools. It grabs onto whatever you need it to, and with the power of the Vermeer’s loader arms it can carry whatever you need, to wherever you need.

We angle the grapple down above the first shrub and open the grapple. Then we lower the grapple down onto it. Then we close the arms around the shrub and pull up. The shrub is deeply rooted in the ground and resists being pulled out. In response, we pull harder, and harder, until snap! The shrub gets pulled out. Before transporting the shrub, we need to shake it some to get all the grass out of the roots. After all the grass is out, we turn around and drop this shrub off at our truck. Now for the next shrub.

Pulling out the next shrub goes about the same. Grab on, pull out, and drop off. And then, on to the next. And then the next after that, and the next after that, and so on. It takes some effort, but we get done pulling out all the shrubs that are on the right edge of the driveway. Next we need to remove the shrubs around the tree.

We need to be a bit more careful when pulling out the shrubs near the tree. We really don’t want to damage the tree, so we need to take care not to bump into it. The Vermeer 925 packs a serious punch, and we need to make sure to control that power and direct it to fixing our customer’s property instead of destroying it. We put down some plywood boards on the grass for this reason, so we don’t ruin our customer’s beautiful lawn. Anyway, we successfully pull out all the shrubs near the tree, so it’s time to move on to the shrubs on the left side of the driveway.

The shrub removal on the left goes just as well as on the right. Our mini skid steer uses its powerful lifting force of 4000 newtons to pull out all the shrubs from the ground.

In the process of pulling out the shrubs, some dirt got into our customer’s driveway. We use a hand shovel to move all the dirt back onto the lawn. Then we use the shovel to dig out the roots that weren’t pulled out by our mini skid steer. And that’s the end of the job. We have finished removing all the shrubs from the customer’s yard. Shrub removal is some of the most common work we do at Schott Services, so if you want some shrubs removed from your property, call us at 317-784-8760 or text or email us for a free price estimate


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