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Backyard Makeover Clearing Old Composter, Yard Debris and Ground Ivy

To start off this backyard cleanup, we’ll remove the old composter. It is a heavy wooden receptacle, so you might be asking how we’ll take care of it. The answer is that we’ll use our Vermeer mini skid steer and a grapple attachment to deconstruct the composter. The composter is made of old wood, so it’s pretty brittle. It doesn’t take much force from the Vermeer's grappler to make the composter crumble into a pile of planks. Then we transport the planks to our truck and move on to the logs.

Moving the logs out of the customer’s backyard is easy. We simply grab them with our Vermeer and haul them onto the truck bed. All that’s left to do is remove the weeds and miscellaneous brush from the backyard.

The power rake makes quick work of the foliage. This tool is an attachment for our mini skid steer just like the grapple. It’s like a lawn mower for weeds that has more maneuverability since it can be raised and lowered by the mini skid steer’s arms. Once the foliage is all cut down, we move it to our truck to be sent to green recycling centers, finishing out this job. Email or call/text at 317-784-8760 for a free estimate on price.

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