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Need your garden cleared? No problem!

Our job today is to clear out some compact cinder block garden units that have been overtaken by weeds. Without space to grow vegetables, there’s no reason to keep these concrete bed gardens; they just take up space. So we’re going to remove them. The process for this job is simple. Pick up as much concrete and weeds as we can with our mini skid steer, deposit onto our truck bed, and repeat! If you’re in the market for a concrete removal, contact us today with the email or call/text pictures at 317-784-8760 for a free estimate.

Since we don’t need to preserve the garden units, we’re free to bulldoze all the blocks! Disassembling these cinder block gardens by hand would be time-consuming and difficult, so we use our Vermeer 925 mini skid steer to get the job done. Our attachment of choice for this job is the heavy shovel. With the shovel securely attached, we get to work. It’s definitely satisfying to watch our mini skid steer plow through the heavy concrete with ease. Weeds, cinder blocks, dirt—it all gets scooped up, no problem! One by one the four cinder block gardens are cleared from our customer’s property.

Once the cluttered cinder blocks and weeds are gone, the backyard looks much more open. If you scroll through the video from before the removal to after, you’ll see that there’s quite a difference in how the lawn looks! It can now support the growth of new grass and will be fully covered with green in no time. On to the next job! Schott Services provides several landscaping/demolition services, including foliage trimming, fallen tree removal, gravel driveway laying, and structure demolition, etc. Call or text pictures at 317-784-8760 or if you prefer, email for a free estimate.

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