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Monster Eating Bushes by Schott Services

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Yes, we are landscape company! But, our focus is on the removal side of it, not the installation. Our specialty is complete removal of your unwanted shrubs, small trees or landscaping. Typically overgrown shrubs and bushes are the first to be removed. If you want a good laugh watch stump removal fails on Youtube. You'll understand very quickly why this video is important! It's fairly easy to cut down an overgrown shrub. You can do this with a manual saw most times. But, can you dig out the entire stump as in this video with same amount of ease?! Plus, you have to have the actual debris from cutting bush down hauled away. We eliminate any and all steps except one! Call John Schott today for a free bush removal estimate!

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and getting the job done right the first time. Call, text or email John Schott 317-784-8760

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Schott Services will quickly and easily remove all sorts of brush, such as honeysuckle, brambles, or ragweed, like we do in this video!

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