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How To Remove A Brush Pile?

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Brush piles can be a pain in your neck, literally-physically-emotionally! And, maybe a few more...

In business since 2003, plus a few years before that I have removed my fair share of brush piles and moved the piles by hand. They can sometimes take away your spirit! Your drive to push forward is slowed by getting scraped, whipped in the face, there is a thorn bush without you knowing and so on! But, these problems go away once you started loading with a mini brush grapple. The removal process seems to be enjoyable and less stressful!

The moral of the story is don't try this at home! Send me a message, a picture of your brush pile and it will be gone. Do you have large brush piles of sticks/twigs in your woods? Many times these piles can be mulched with my brush cutter to avoid hauling them out. The brush cutter chews the brush pile into small pieces which speeds up the decomposing process and mother nature will do the rest! This avoids making many trips thru your property with a truck or machine to haul away. Whatever path you choose to have a brush free life it only takes one call/text. 317-784-8760 or

Have a great day! Brush free is the way

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