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Deck Demolition/Deck Removal The Schott Services Way!

If your summer wish list of outdoor projects is growing and one of them is getting rid of your deck Schott Services can help! We provide Indianapolis deck removal services in the summer, fall, winter or spring. We tear it down, cut it up, load it, haul it away so you don't have to look at it anymore.

As you watch in this video, we are able to cut up deck into larger sections and load onto truck/trailer setup to get rid of it quick. We are all about efficiency and getting the job done. Our goal is to move as fast possible, yet providing high quality service to you the customer! You don't need a company on your property for days trying to move your old deck. Most residential backyard deck removal jobs are completed in a day or less.

Where we set apart from the competition is that we can grade and level the ground once the deck is removed from your property. Many times the ground is not level and we are already there with the proper machinery. We can even dig out the concrete footers with posts. Many light demolition companies will just cut the posts below ground or just above the surface. If you are putting in a new concrete pad or paver patio you will want the posts completely removed. Also, you never know what can be hidden under a wood framed deck. Many times there is concrete pad underneath, we remove concrete as well. It's a one stop service for all of your light demolition and haul away needs in the Indianapolis area.

Call, text, or email John Schott for free estimate today!


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