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Sunken Above Ground Pool Back Fill and Leveling- Above Ground Pool Demolition and Removal

This is why you don't bury an above ground pool! They are not designed to be buried and hold the weight of the soil. Yes, you will save money compared to an inground pool but longterm it will cost you. Once your above ground pool needs to be emptied of its water then it will no longer be able to support the weight of the surrounding soil! That's where we get involved!

We remove above ground pools and kayak style pools that are half buried in the ground. We can demolish and haul away the concrete, decking and other related pool equipment. We can bring in fill dirt to level the ground once the pool material is moved or hauled away. On this particular job the surrounding soil was much higher than the pool hole so it was easily graded back into the hillside. The customer demolished the decking that surrounded the pool, but we are able to haul that debris away.

We provide exterior demolition services in the greater Indianapolis area for residential/commercial customers. We offer concrete demolition, deck removal, dirt removal and yard leveling services. Check out the rest of our website to see if our services will meet your needs. And, check out all of our Youtube videos to see all of the services in action!

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