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"Demolition Done Right: What to Expect from Schott Services' Dirt Mound, Concrete Pool, and Deck Removal Video"

Updated: Mar 7

A previous owner of the property we’re working on today installed a homemade concrete inground pool in the backyard. A later homeowner (not the current one) added a deck on the sides of the pool. Now the deck on one side of the pool is in pieces, and the other side is very dilapidated. This property is in need of some demolition! The pool itself is also filled with junk and really needs to be removed. So that’s what we’re doing today. We’re demolishing the pool, removing what’s left of the deck, and then leveling the whole area so that you can’t tell anything was ever there in the first place. For a free price estimate just call us at 317-784-8760 or email us at

We encounter a problem right off the bat. As you can see in the video, the entrance to the pool is blocked by a mound of dirt and some brush on top of it. So the first thing we do is shovel all that dirt out of the way with the bucket attachment on our Vermeer 925 Mini Skid Steer. But don’t worry! We’ll be making use of the dirt later on.

With the dirt out of the way, we can move on to the backyard, where the pool and all the other stuff to be demolished is. First we clean out all the junk that’s just sitting in the pool, and move it to our truck for hauling. Then we clean out the fallen side of the deck, opening up one side of the pool for better access when we dismantle it. But before that, we need to remove a small concrete porch at the back door of the house for the customer. That way we’ll be able to better level the whole region of the property, since the concrete porch was raised up and not level with the ground around it.

So we use our concrete breaker to make removing the concrete more manageable. Once the concrete’s been split into smaller chunks, we use our bucket attachment and put the concrete in the truck, and we move on to tackle the pool itself.

Surprisingly, removing the pool and the concrete installations near it are a breeze. You’d think that it would be particularly hard to dismantle the pool, being concrete formed in the ground. But really, with some more strategic use of our concrete breaker, the pool stands no chance! We break up the pool with the breaker, and grapple it with our grapple. The two other concrete creations installed with the pool go down with ease as well. We clear both the concrete steps up the side of the pool and the patio next to the pool with the same method, which leads us to the last section of this job, filling the depression left by the pool and leveling the sloped ground.

This is where we make use of the dirt we shoveled out of the way at the beginning. We use our bucket to spread this dirt on the hole that is empty since the pool is gone. Unfortunately, it’s not enough, so we haul in two loads of dirt and use it to finish filling in the hole. Then we level the dirt out with our leveler. Now we have to add topsoil and grass seed, but we wait to do that. The customer has a new concrete pad installed where the old patio was, and only once the concrete is fully cured do we return to finish the job.

This final step goes off without a hitch. We come back after a couple of months when the concrete has been installed and hardened. We spread the new dirt, level it, and plant grass seeds for lots of healthy grass. Another happy customer! For a free price estimate just call us at 317-784-8760 or email us at


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