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Brush Mowing A Ditch-Vegetation Control Services

Do you wish you had a bigger yard? Do you look at the border of your backyard and wish there wasn’t so much growth clustered up there? If you do, then there is a simple solution to both of your problems. Just clear up all the overgrown undergrowth, and you’ll have a bigger, cleaner yard. Wondering how to do this? Don’t sweat it! Contact Schott Services at 317-784-8760 (call or text) or to get a free estimate on an underbrush removal.

Today’s client has a severely overgrown ditch on the edge of their yard, threatening to take over the entire property. With these types of situations, it’s important to take care of them as soon as possible. Overgrown foliage makes a yard look worse and reduces the amount of usable space. To clear out this shrubbery, we use our Vermeer 925 Mini Skid Steer with a brush mower attachment. This attachment works like a giant rectangular weed whacker, but with spinning blades instead of string. The brush mower really lives up to its name as it effortlessly levels the shrubs and bushes cluttering up this backyard. It doesn't even have trouble with stronger plants like small trees. This mower attachment is great for leveling undergrowth.

As you watch the video, you might be wondering why we aren’t hauling away all the undergrowth that has been cleared out. This is because we can help the topsoil become richer, by using the brush mower to grind up the vegetation, which will decompose and form a natural layer of mulch on top of the soil.

After clearing out all the undergrowth, the client’s backyard has been restored to its former size and is a lot less cluttered.

Most people accept the state of their yards as unchangeable, but you don’t have to be one of them! Don’t forget to call or text Schott Services at 317-784-8760 or email at for a free estimate on the price of an undergrowth removal.

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