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Vegetation Control Surrounding Pond-Fence Line Brush Clearing

Today we’re going to clear out the brush that surrounds a pond. We need to remove the brush to stop it from spreading to the storage area past the pond, and to stop trespassers from hiding in the brush so they cut through the fence that encloses the pond without being caught. Some crafty interlopers have tried to get past this fence by cutting through it while shielded by the brush in order to get at the valuable supplies stored nearby. This is a big problem for our customer, so we’re going to remove the brush to increase visibility and protect the property. Brush cutting is some of the most common work we do, so if you need some yard trimming don’t hesitate to contact us at 317-784-8760 or at for a free price estimate.

The job is done with a brush cutter which we attach to our Vermeer mini skid steer. This tool has three spinning blades that cut through the brush, like a lawn mower. But unlike a lawn mower, we can raise and lower the brush cutter to attack the brush at different angles. This way we can level the area surrounding the pond at a much quicker pace than if we were using a regular ride-on lawn mower. We weave back and forth around the pond, being careful not to roll the Vermeer into the water. It would be bad news if our mini skid steer fell in! But we at Schott Services have been doing landscaping work for over 20 years, so rest assured that we won’t make a mistake like that.

Once we’ve driven the mini skid steer around the whole pond, we’re done with this job. Now the pond is perfectly visible, and any wannabe intruder will have a much harder time getting past the pond without being caught. Schott Services has a 5-star rating on Google for demolition/landscaping in the Indianapolis area, so if you need some brush cutting done, contact us at 317-784-8760 or at for a free price estimate.

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