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Brush Clearing and Gravel Driveway!

Updated: Mar 8

This was a unique project that I completed in 2017. My customer had a large backyard accessible only from their neighbors due to steep slope at back of house. Since they were needing to get trucks and trailers into back yard and did not want to create any more traffic through their nieghbors they gave me a call!

The customer had a clear idea of what was needing done, but not the proper equipment to complete. So, I was able to clear a path on their property to lower level of backyard with my equipment. Then I installed base layer of rip rap stone and #2 base stone to provide a good base for their eventual driveway to backyard. Once all of their work is complete and base stone is compacted nicely. The driveway will have a top layer of #8 or #53 stone installed to complete access path!

I always enjoy unique jobs like this project to learn something new and add value to a customers property. I have been providing gravel driveway installation in Indianapolis area since 2003. I can install a completely new driveway from scratch or highly requested service of refreshing old, compacted driveways. Whatever it may be, when needing your gravel driveway refresh, gravel driveway installation, skid steer services, brush removal and lot clearing services. You have come to the right place!

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John Schott

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