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Swing Set Removal. This swingset was built to last!

This swing was built to last a lifetime, but no match for Schott Services! We remove wooden playground, metal playsets, commercial playground equipment and outdoor structures like barns. Demolition comes easy to us with over 20 years of experience. Many times homeowners will inherit someone else's great plan for an outdoor structure. In this video, you can see the ease of removing this swing set for this customer.

The removal process starts with a picture! Text or email a picture to John Schott at 317-784-8760 or More often than not, a price can be given on the spot without needing to look at in person! This saves time and money getting your playground or swing set removed. This type of work can be done by the homeowner, but why risk it. Our equipment can handle the demolition, loading and haul away of your swing set.

Swing sets are great until they are no longer usable or just not needed anymore. Unlike this swing set in the video, most are not built in this fashion. Someone must have had extra lumber sitting around and a desire to build. Most play sets needing removed are the box type. Either purchased as a kit or shipped in a box to your home. These can be removed easily and quickly. So, put your tools back in your garage and call Schott Services! Let us help you get rid of the eyesore and regain some of your yard!

Thanks for watching!

John Schott

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