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Really Overgrown Fence Line Cleaned Up, Stumps Removed and Ground Leveled

Lots of honeysuckle and mulberry vines have creeped up this wire fence. With it being so overgrown, the customer called us in to remove all the foliage and the fence too. In addition, dangerous poison ivy hides among the harmless honeysuckle and mulberries, so it's not even safe to touch the vines. So we’re going to remove the leaves once and for all. We’re also going to do a fence removal too, just to make sure that the poison ivy can't come back. Like with this job today, we’ll take care of all your landscaping needs at Schott Services. Having worked in landscaping since 2003, Schott Services has a five star Google rating and always finishes jobs with the customer happy. Call us at 317-784-8760 or email us at for a free price estimate!

With a job like this, the simplest solution is usually the right one. With that in mind, we decide to use a chainsaw to clear the brush. Its powerful spinning chain eats through the plants with ease, leaving none behind. We work back and forth across the fence to clear out all the foliage. We make it sound easy, but in reality it’s hard to do. We have to stay clear of the fence itself to prevent sparking, and that turns out to be easier said than done.

There are a few close calls, but in the end we clear out all of the brush without causing any hazards. Now to do the fence removal. The first step here is to decouple the wire mesh from the support posts. We clip the mesh where it connects to the poles and lower it down to the ground. Then we roll it up like a rug and haul it off to our truck. Getting out the supports is a bit more complicated. Now we need to use the versatile Vermeer 925 to pull out the poles. The Vermeer is a mini skid steer (as you’ve probably read in every one of our posts) which has a variety of attachments that let the vehicle perform hundreds of different functions. To pull the poles (pun intended), we use the grapple attachment. It grabs on to the poles and plucks them out of the ground like carrots. They go off to the truck and now we need to level the ground.

Pulling out the poles left some big holes in the ground. It would be unacceptable to leave the site like this, so it;s time to level. Our leveler attachment cuts through the uneven earth with sharp blades and smooths it out. Now that the ground is clear and smooth, the job is complete. Now our customer's property is much more open and feels more unified. Want a fence removed? Call or text us at 317-784-8760, or email us at the address for a free estimate.

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